Mother of American Marine killed in Kabul Slammed Biden

Kabul attack

Afghanistan Crisis, Delhi – Magazine: The mother of a Marine victim of a terrorist attack in Afghanistan called US President Biden “a helpless, dementia-ridden piece of shit.”

US President Biden traveled to Dover Air Force Base to meet the remains of fallen American soldiers who were killed in a jihadist attack at Kabul airport. The head of state met with the families of the victims.

Kabul attackThe mother of a Marine who died in a terrorist attack at a Kabul airport smashed President Joe Biden in strong emotional expressions, writes the Daily Mail.

“My son was one of the Marines who died yesterday,” Katie McCollum said in a radio interview Friday about her late 20-year-old son, Riley. According to her, the young man was going to return home to be with his wife and see how his son is born.

“And this helpless, dementia-ridden piece of shit just sent my son to die,” the inconsolable mother is indignant at President Biden, who sent an additional contingent of troops to the Kabul airport. “I woke up at four o’clock this morning and heard from the Marines at my door that my son was dead.”

President Biden made an unannounced trip to Delaware Sunday morning to commemorate military personnel killed by a suicide bomber. The head of the White House stood in silence with his right hand to his chest as several flag-draped transfer cases were carried past him from a C-17 Globemaster.

Biden and the first lady spent the first part of the morning meeting with the families of the victims in private. Then the President, along with other dignitaries – including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, military leaders and the first lady – walked through the airbase platform and climbed the ladder aboard the C-17.

American serviceman killed in kabul attackInside, they spent a minute in prayer before going out and taking their seats next to the plane to watch the bodies being carried away.

A few days earlier, Katie McCollum in harsh terms condemned Biden for talking about “diplomatic nonsense with the Taliban terrorists who, damn it, blew up my son,” instead of apologizing for the “failures” of their troops. My son is gone, and I just want all of you Democrats who cheated or legally voted for him to know that they just killed my son. With this obsessed dementia, a piece of shit that doesn’t even know what’s in the White House and still thinks he’s a senator. “

Some military families accused Biden of putting them in danger.

In a statement Saturday, Biden said, “The thirteen military personnel we lost were heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our highest American ideals and saving the lives of others.”


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