5 Things that Men Hide from Women

secrets of men

We are used to thinking of men as stronger, restrained and invulnerable to feelings and secrets, like women. However, men harbor emotions and emotions that keep them secret because of social prejudices and stereotypes that oppress them.

Secrets for men that you need to know

Most men do not talk about their inner nature. They are afraid of looking weak in the eyes of their tender halves, and even more so of the other men around them. That’s why many men have secrets you don’t suspect. Here are a few of them.

He is insecure about his body

Not only women are worried about their figure and whether they look good in the eyes of their loved ones. Men are also worried about their physique and this can make them vulnerable and shy, insecure and depressed. Even if you ask your beloved man about his body, he will probably deny having a problem with it.

He has no one to share or talk to

Male friendships are not like female ones. Men just do different things together, but they don’t discuss everything down to the smallest detail, as women do. This causes tension in some of them, which affects them emotionally.

He will hide that no one compliments him

The male ego needs compliments. However, he does not always receive them. Every man wants the woman next to him to admire him and tell him from time to time. However, he will hardly share it, because no man wants to ask for approval.

He will not admit that sometimes he does not know what he is doing during sex

Sex is an experience that largely depends on the signals you give your partner. If you do not verbally express how you feel and what you need, the man can not always figure it out, and vice versa. Men are really worried about their performance in bed and if you don’t help them understand what you want in sex, they can make mistakes, which strains them and makes them keep secrets from you.

The secrets that men hide from women

He will not admit that he is afraid

Social prejudices will not allow a man to admit that he is afraid. This is unacceptable. Public pressure on men for courage and masculinity has for generations suppressed fear, which in some more sensitive men can lead to depression and insecurity.

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