Lucky Numbers for Each Zodiac Sign

Lucky numbers according to zodiac sign

Religious Desk, Delhi Magazine: In numerology and astrology, each zodiac sign has a number that brings them success. There are also unlucky numbers for each sign that promise bad luck.

Astrologer and numerologists at Delhi Magazine told which number is the most successful for each of the zodiac signs.

1 – Leo

One is Leo’s lucky number. She is the one who can bring him luck and happiness. In numerology, the number 1 is considered a symbol of leadership and will, competition and victory. Strength of character and natural firmness helps you always be on top. One is determined by internal energy, self-loyalty, and lack of fear of problems. But Leo should be wary of the number 2: it reduces the chances of representatives of this sign to succeed.

2 – Cancer

Two is Cancer’s lucky number. It carries love and security, which representatives of this zodiac sign sometimes really need. Twos are dreamy, tender and romantic. They are emotional, have excellent intuition and a sense of empathy.

They are used to listening to their inner voice when making important decisions. When combined with a deuce, Cancer’s lucky number is 7: they tend to enhance each other. Failure for this sign can bring 1.

3 – Scorpio and Aries

Three is a lucky number for two signs at once: Scorpio and Aries. By nature, troikas are not hard workers, but true creators. And usually, thanks to their talents, they achieve their goals without much difficulty. They have a lot of enthusiasm. At the moment when they need to make a decision, these signs need to surround themselves with the number 3, and on the third number they can safely plan important negotiations.

4 – Virgo and Gemini

Four is the lucky number for Virgo and Gemini. It brings them knowledge, energy for sharing information and deep thoughts. Fours are always ready to help, they make loyal and reliable friends. Most of them are eloquent, rational, and have innate organizational skills. The influence of this number doubles if representatives of these signs work in journalism or trade.

5 – Sagittarius

Five is Sagittarius’ lucky number. She helps this sign in communication. Fives are characterized by a desire for absolute freedom and a complete rejection of any rules and restrictions. Also, the number 5 can bring good luck to Sagittarius if it is present in the number of a car, telephone or apartment. Sagittarius can also use talismans with five corners; for example, a five-pointed star is perfect.

6 – Taurus and Libra

Six is ​​the lucky number for Taurus and Libra. It brings representatives of these signs good luck in love and relationships. The ruling planet of number 6 is Venus. She gives these signs a charm that lasts until old age. Almost their entire life is subordinated to emotions, feelings, and love experiences. Numbers 4 and 9 also have a good effect on the lives of Libra and Taurus: the first helps in marriage, and the second in work.

7 – Capricorn

Seven is the lucky number of Capricorns. It helps representatives of this sign make the right decisions and overcome obstacles. Seven is wisdom, a high level of education and a philosophical attitude towards life. There is hardly any field of activity for which Capricorns would be completely unsuitable.

8 – Aquarius

Eight is the lucky number of Aquarius. It charges representatives of this sign with energy and helps them find inspiration. Eights adapt well to changes in life. They are not ardent extroverts, but they attract others with their calmness. 8 is an inverted infinity sign. Therefore, Aquarians can safely choose jewelry with this symbol, and it will bring them good luck.

9 – Pisces

Nine is the lucky number of Pisces. It is considered a symbol of completion. The main meaning of the number 9 is goodwill towards all people, the ability to understand them and show mercy to those who need it. Nines have a natural charm. In combination with one, 9 brings representatives of this sign good luck in material terms, and in combination with two, it improves intuition.

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