Delhi Police Reopen Service Lanes at Singhu and Tikri Borders, Easing Transportation Woes


Delhi Desk, Delhi Magazine: Delhi Police announced on Monday the reopening of service lanes at Singhu and Tikri borders with Haryana, a move aimed at alleviating transportation challenges that emerged during the farmers’ Delhi Chalo march. According to a senior police officer, the reopening process, which commenced on Saturday, has been completed to facilitate local commuters.

“We have diligently worked on reopening the service lanes at Singhu and Tikri borders to ensure smoother transportation for the public,” stated the official. Emphasizing the importance of continuous surveillance, the official confirmed round-the-clock monitoring with the deployment of both police and paramilitary forces.

Explaining the delay in the reopening process, the official mentioned the challenges posed by concrete barriers. However, the successful reopening of these lanes is expected to significantly ease travel for drivers, enabling them to reach their destinations more conveniently.

In a proactive step toward promoting road safety, the Road Safety Cell of Delhi Traffic Police recently conducted an awareness drive targeting TSR drivers at Nehru Place Metro Station. The initiative aimed to educate drivers on various aspects including traffic rules, lane discipline, women’s safety, pedestrian safety, and more. By sensitizing TSR drivers, the authorities seek to enhance overall safety standards on the roads, contributing to a safer commuting environment for all.

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