Arun Prabhudesai, an Entrepreneur, a Tech Touter & Internet Resident

Arun Prabhudesai

Startup – Desk, Delhi Magazine: Today we are going to talk with Mr. Arun Prabhudesai – Founder of Armoks Media Private Limited. He is a name to reckon with. One of the biggest names amongst tech you tubers this go-getter has taken a video sharing platform by storm with his intriguing content and unbiased tech reviews. His unique ways of simplifying tech jargons, and breaking them down for layman understanding is unmatchable. He is also the founder of Trakin Tech and Arun started Trakin Tech (one of the biggest business and tech publications) in 2017.

Arun Prabhudesai


 The channel runs in Trakin Tech (english), Trakin Tech (hindi) and Trakin Tech Marathi. Other than Trakin tech, Arun also founded Trakin Shorts, Trakin ke funde and Trakin Auto. Arun is a visionary who has won many accolades to his credit in his career. Today, not only is the social star trending globally, but he’s also creating a tremendous buzz among regional language content creators!

Q1. Tell me about your background and success journey.

Born and brought up in Pune, I was a civil engineer and an IT Consultant working in the United States. Living in the United States and other Western countries, I realized how digitization can play an important role in a country like ours and how it can revolutionize the minds of the people when digitization and technology were not very sought-after fields.

Having experienced life in the UK, and the US, I already knew what the global startup ecosystem looked like. After coming back to India- I founded Armoks Media Pvt. Ltd that is based out of Pune, India. Later on, I started a Hindi channel ‘Trakin Tech’, one of the first and fastest-growing Tech YouTube channels globally. Armed with an entry-level camera, that I paid monthly installments for, our passionate, excellent team was able to reach 1 Lakh subscribers in just over a matter of a year. It now stands at over 1 crore subscribers (10 million) and growing.

arun prabhu desai

Exploring untouched opportunities in the tech world and positively anticipating the future like I always has, has got me a long way – From my first YouTube channel taking shape in an office cubicle to building an entire digital empire, I have paved the way for several others to take inspiration and follow suit. Today, I am among India’s most successful Tech Youtubers and an enterprising entrepreneur, with an inspiring success story like no other.

Through my channel, I create content that simplifies complicated technical jargon and offers unbiased reviews of tech-based products to my subscribers. I keep it as user-friendly as possible while simultaneously improving the quality of content with each new video.

Q2. A brief intro about Armoks Media Private Limited.

Armoks Media Pvt Ltd is a next-gen online media publishing & Video production house based out of Pune. The production house owns and manages multiple YouTube channels and web properties. We create diversified video content in Technology, Auto, and Entertainment space. The Flagship channel of AMPL is Trakin Tech which boasts more than 10 million subscribers.

AMPL You-tube Channels have a combined viewership of over 200 million every month, making it one of the biggest and fastest-growing production houses in India.

AMPL specializes in Content Writing Services, Website Development, Video Creation, YouTube, Blogging, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Shopping Campaigns, Events Marketing, video production, Influencer Marketing, and Technology.

Q3. The challenges you have faced so far as a YouTuber

The adoption of newer, sharper technology for creating and editing videos, and the fight for the time have been among the biggest challenges so far. Video making is a cut-throat competitive niche, and viewers demand videos of the highest quality, with a smooth viewing experience. There are a lot of investments to be made, and one has to be always alert and updated about the new innovations in this industry.

And time… We don’t have enough time to cover all the major breakthroughs and developments in the tech industry, and we are always running against time. It takes a considerable amount of time to research, shoot, and then edit the videos, and the one who can streamline this process and produce fast content is the game-changer.

Q4. Reasons people should subscribe to your channel

Truth, honesty, and passion: These are the three most important elements, our USPs at Trakin Tech channel, that inspire and motivate new users to become our friends and our subscribers.

The Tech industry is quite ambiguous, populated by entities who made dubious claims and false promises, and the result is that a lot of tech buyers feel cheated at the end of the day. We at Trakin Tech are on a mission to change this, and bring about a revolution in tech reporting and tech observations. Our honesty, our laser-sharp focus on sharing only the truth, and the pure passion with which we create and launch videos are the primary reasons why people should subscribe to our channel.

Q5. Message you want to share with the young generation on technology

Technology is modern-age magic, and anything and everything is possible with it. If you have a dream, a vision about the future, then technology is that catalyst that can help and empower you to achieve those. All you need to have is patience and a vision for the future.

Today, smartphones, gadgets, and technology as a whole are revolutionizing the business and corporate world, inciting a revolution in education, healthcare, and food industries, and basically changing everything, everywhere.

My message for the youth: Use technology, embrace its magic, and dream big.

Because if Trakin Tech can make a dent in the Universe, so can you! 

Delhi Magazine Team

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