Hijab Girls Seen in Football Playground

Hijab girls

Controversy on Hijab in Karnataka

28 Muslim girl students of Kundapura College in Karnataka were stopped from attending class wearing a hijab. Regarding the matter, the girls had filed a petition in the High Court saying that hijab is mandatory in Islam, so they should be allowed it. These girls had also started dharna sitting in front of the college gate. After this the same controversy has started in many colleges of Karnataka.

Hijab girls

Muslim girls played football and cricket matches wearing hijab and burqa.

The girls said that hijab and niqab are our right, identity. Then why are people having trouble with this? During the commentary in the match, information about the ongoing controversy over the hijab in Karnataka was also given. This match was played at Indira Priyadarshini College of Congress MLA Arif Masood in Bhopal.

What did the education minister say

School Education Minister Parmar had said on Tuesday that if anyone comes to school wearing a hijab, he will be banned. Children will have to come according to the school uniform code in Madhya Pradesh. We are working on the school uniform code. The Uniform Code will be fully implemented before the next session.

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