Joan MacDonald – 76-year-old Grandmother Enough Sporty

If you spend hours and hours on Instagram, you may have already seen Joan MacDonald’s profile. You may even be subscribed to it. It must be said that she is very active on this social network, where she has more than 1.7 million subscribers .

Train with joan

Because yes, at 76, Joan MacDonald is a great sportswoman, and she shows it, as proven by her more than 500 publications. On these, we can see the granny in a bathing suit , bulging muscles , lifting weights or showing off her plate. And a small detail: she always has that big smile that characterizes her.


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One thing is certain: the Canadian is impressive and commands respect. And yet, she has recently been sporty. Indeed, she took up sport late in life – exactly six years ago – to take care of herself and to improve her health, she who suffered from chronic high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and renal failure. And guess what? Her general state of fatigue has greatly diminished since she started exercising.

“I forgot myself”
It was on the ABC channel that the grandmother gave a testimony that did not go unnoticed. The one who took about ten medications a day said that she had “forgotten” herself . “All my life I had taken care of my children, my husband, my work, I forgot myself, and for nothing in the world would I want to return to this previous state” , she thus Explain.

Joan After losing 30kg

Since then, Joan has lost thirty kilos, well helped by her daughter Michelle MacDonald, a sports coach , who put her foot in the stirrup. She’s in great shape, her health concerns are behind her and she’s a social media star like Natasha! What more ? Nothing for her: “It’s not magic. It’s work, but it’s work that can be enjoyed” . A great life lesson !


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