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creta math class india for kids

It is not surprising that teaching math to young children is not the easiest of jobs. There are modern learning apps such as Creta Class India that keep the important learning factors in mind while supporting children in their math learning process.

Parents, educators, and everybody must be mindful of a kid’s pre-education in math if they want them to learn the subject effectively, not just today but for higher education. Remember that everyone has different learning preferences and styles, which may impact how they interact with others, learn, and build relationships with peers, teachers, and parents.

Why Choose Creta Class?

  • The Creta Class app is certified.

It is available in both Google Play and App store and is entirely free to download. The app has received several awards for being the best math learning app for kids, such as the Mom’s Choice Award, Academics’ Choice Award, etc.  Creta Class India is becoming a more and more trending and trusted app for parents nowadays.

  • AI-Based curriculum with feedback.

The levels of the courses have been scientifically and systematically designed for kids between 3 to 8 years old. The progressive learning methodology and scientific curriculum arrangement built by experts help kids build math learning skills, and the AI-based feedback is excellent for kids. It is ideal for those students who find it challenging to keep pace with others.

  • More than just math skills.

Creta Class helps enhance other crucial abilities, such as cognition, via lessons. Several thinking methods help improve the general knowledge of kids, including substitution thinking and corresponsive thinking. Besides, the short animated lessons of 15 minutes help give a clear and positive idea about the concepts.

  • Learning independently.

AI-based customizable learning helps children learn independently without the interference of parents. Interactive learning and Creta Coins encouragement system help motivate children for better results. It will encourage kids and shift from passive reception of knowledge to active and independent learning.

Benefits of the Creta Class App for Parents and Children

Through a scientifically effective online math app, Creta Class, kids can learn math anytime and anywhere. On top of that, the short sessions make it easy for them to build a strong foundation for the subject. All they need is a phone or a tablet to access the study materials at Creta Class. It will become more convenient for kids to learn anywhere they want and release the parents from teaching kids.

The learning process and the encouraging system are ideal for kids who find it challenging to grab concepts or keep up with the high-paced environment in school. This app is the first and the most effective step towards independent learning.

As for the parents, the rise of independent learning will ensure that they don’t have to worry about their kid’s math learning all the time. They can count on the expertise of apps like Creta Class to help their kids learn math smartly.


Creta Class is one of the best apps to offer young kids an engaging and fun learning environment. Their method of instruction is intriguing, and their course material is based on the commonplace mathematics syllabus.

Children between 3 and 8 years can develop systematic knowledge with Creta Class’s progressive learning pathways. The AI-based online kids class maximizes immersive participation and makes learning an enjoyable and joyful experience by utilizing captivating animations and interactive exercises. Creta Class is available on Google Play on Android and App store on Apple. Feel free to download and try it out!

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