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promila rathee special education teacher

In today’s time the women of India have come a long way in every field. Be it politics, science or education, hundreds of women of the country have achieved their place on the basis of their hard work and thoIn today’s time the women of India have come a long way in every field. Be it politics, science or education, hundreds of women of the country have achieved their place on the basis of their hard work and thousands of women are trying to reach this goal. At present, when the whole world is battling with an epidemic like Corona, there are some teachers in the society who, on the strength of their passion and passion, have worked to give a new direction to society by doing better work in the field of education. Such teachers have been recognized and given the Global Best Teacher Award 2021 by Youth for Universal and Voluntary Action (YUVA).

Promila rathee with her students

Youth for Universal and Voluntary Action (Yuva) is working to recognize and give due respect to people who have done excellent work in various fields of society. Today we have an opportunity to talk with one such a woman – Mrs Promila Rathee ( Special Education Teacher), who has achieved a different position in the education world on the basis of her struggle.

Delhi Magazine Team: Promila Ji, tell us something about yourself and your family background?

Mrs Promila Rathee: I am a Special Educator (Block-Level) for differently abled students in Government Girls Senior Secondary School Sampla. I was born and brought up in Sonipat, Haryana. In all the thick and thins of life, he has been a constant pillar of motivation and guidance. I got married at a very young age and had just passed high school at that time. With the new phase of my life, I also embarked on my journey of education and was able to prove my metal holding various Master’s degrees in hand at the present moment. What is the use of so much education in the world, which is not used for any good purpose.

With this thought I moved towards my aim of doing something impactful for the society and found my passion to help the differently abled children to lead a better life and get their rightful place in the society.

Delhi Magazine Team : What has been your contribution to handicapped children?

Mrs Promila Rathee: My contribution is that I created WhatsApp group for all differently abled students, especially students receiving home rehabilitation, in this we included parents and their siblings and classmates members of specially abled children , whose disability is mentally and from 90% to 100%, were facing trouble in the lockdown. Since they were not able to provide any kind of therapy to the children, for this I used occupational therapy which could easily be given at home.

I used music therapy  for the growing challenges like behavioral concerns and to encourage children to participate in all online competitions and during this time the students participated in various types of competitions like sports, painting, dance, art etc. participated. All the students have achieved a number of certifications and recognitions by completing it at the national and international level. Along with general education, special education has also been taken care of for all the differently-abled students.

Delhi Magazine Team: How all these activities are beneficial for divyang children?

Promila Rathee: For the motor development of the children, daily exercises were practiced through household tasks such as doing exercises for wrist drop with sewing machine and painting for children to improve eye and hand coordination. Apart from this, Thumb Painting, Finger Painting, Thread Painting, Trading and Pasting and Wall Painting and Traditional Indian Painting were also done after which the students participated enthusiastically in national level competitions and were rewarded.

Delhi Magazine Team: What are your achievements in your journey?

Promila Rathee:

  • My students with disabilities and I received a letter of appreciation in an international competition organized by Ability Expo USA California.
  • Online Haryana Day was celebrated by Australia on Zoom App University in Kurukshetra, in which there were famous artists of Haryana, in the program my handicapped student got ₹ 11000 cash amount and testimonial with a huge applause.
  • My students also gave first place to Haryana in the national level dance competition organized by Special Olympics India. Which was highly appreciated by the judges of international level.
  •  In Anjali International Youth Festival also all our differently abled students got first place, which was in folk dance, this competition was also online.
  •  In the painting competition organized by Special Olympiad India, the students of Sampla performed well and won the award at the national level by securing first position.
  • Consolation prize in national level painting competition on Mother’s Day.
  • My students received a Certificate of Appreciation by Andhra Sangha at the International Talent Show from Chicago in New Delhi Godavari Auditorium.
  • On International Women’s Day, I got the 4th Star Screen Award at the national level, I got 5000 votes.
  • All Association of Haryanvi honored me with a Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Cabinet Minister Shri Arvind Sharma ji honored my students on Gita Mahotsav Rohtak.

Delhi Magazine Team: Very good madam, our best wishes are with you. We pray that you will continue to do good to the disabled children through such social welfare works.

Delhi Magazine Team

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