Who is Pooja Singhal IAS and Why is She in The News

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Crime Desk, Delhi Magazine: Pooja Singhal is a 2000 batch Indian Administrative Service officer of Jharkhand cadre. She is the youngest 2000 batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer to enter the IAS cadre at the age of 21 years and 7 days. Due to this his name is also recorded in Limca Book of Records.

IAS pooja singhal and cash scam

Till now she has held many important positions. Whether power has been of any party in Jharkhand, Pooja Singhal has been very close to power most of the time. In the present government, she is serving her services in 3 different positions simultaneously. She is the secretary of the Department of Mines and Industries as well as the chairman of Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation Limited (JSMDC). The organization named Bhumi Sudhar Manch has challenged the appointment of the same officer in three posts in the Jharkhand High Court.

IAS Pooja Singhal is considered an expert in every fun. Pooja Singhal has also been surrounded by allegations of corruption in the past. Pooja Singhal’s status was such that no matter what the government had been in the state, but her ‘coin’ kept on running. Pooja Singhal is accused of committing a scam of more than 18 crores in MNREGA when she was the Deputy Commissioner in Khunti. ED team is probing the matter. Apart from this, there are allegations of many scams on Pooja Singhal.

Pooja Singhal’s Personal Life

Pooja Singhal was married to IAS officer Rahul Puravar. She had to divorce due to family dispute and later married to a businessman Abhishek Jha. Abhishek Jha runs Pulse Hospital in Ranchi.

Pooja Singhal is considered close to CM Hemant Soren. It is alleged that Pooja Singhal has allotted mines to Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s brother and MLA Basant Soren, henchmen and touts at very low prices.

Pooja Singhal has already been infamous

Before the Hemant government, there was a BJP government in Jharkhand. Raghubar Das was the Chief Minister then. Raghuvar Das used to organize mass dialogue at Soochna Bhawan every week at that time. At the same time a complainant who came from Dhanbad said that he has a shop in Dhanbad Marketing Board. The officer asks for money and said that money goes to the top. There is madam named Pooja Singhal Purwar in Ranchi, money has to be delivered to her too. Raghuvar also calmed down for a while. But he couldn’t took any action against Pooja Singhal.

Earlier Cases Against Pooja Singhal

The ED had filed an affidavit related to the information of the entire case on the orders of the Jharkhand High Court in a case of MNREGA scam. The ED had told the court through an affidavit that at the time of the scam of Rs 18.06 crore in MNREGA in Khunti district of Jharkhand, there was Deputy Commissioner Pooja Singhal. In this case, the junior engineer Ram Vinod Prasad Sinha was arrested and sent to jail, who had admitted in his statement to the ED that the commission amount used to reach the Deputy Commissioner’s office.

The ED had also informed the High Court through its affidavit about the ongoing investigation of both the cases of Chatra and Palamu. It was told in the affidavit that Pooja Singhal was posted as Deputy Commissioner in Chatra district from August 2007 to June 2008. It is alleged that he had made an advance payment of Rs 6 crore to two NGOs under MGNREGA. These two NGOs include Welfare Point and Prerna Niketan. The said amount was allocated for the cultivation of Musli.

While no such work was done there, the investigation of which is still going on. Apart from this, while being the Deputy Commissioner in Palamu district, it is alleged that Pooja Singhal had transferred about 83 acres of forest land to a private company for mining. This is a matter related to Kathautia coal mines. The ED had told the court that the investigation in this case is also going on.

Media Managment of Pooja Singhal

Many journalists became businessmen with the help of madam. Sources claim that many journalists from Jharkhand are among those close to Pooja Singhal. These people sit in high positions in different institutions and do the work of media management for the madam. This lobby gets activated when there is any kind of allegations and counter allegations against Madam. By the grace of madam, these people conduct their different business under the guise of journalism. A campaign is prepared for this.

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