Women’s Day Special: Dr. Mitsu Chavda – A Lawyer, Solo Travler, Biker, Counsellor, Motivation Speaker

Mitsu chavda on bike

Dr. Mitsu Chavda, a well-known personality from Surat. She is a lawyer by profession, a solo traveller, biker, a career counsellor, motivational speaker, a sexual wellness whisperer.

Mitsu chavda on bikeHer major accomplishment is as a Rider, when she started her journey “Ride for Soldiers “on November 26 from Surat. During this journey, she covered 17000 kms-102 cities-65 days. This journey was lauded by honourable President of India also.

The motto of this journey was, to make the people aware about the brave paraplegic soldiers and their achievements in sports and higher studies, despite being wheelchair or bed bound.

During her journey, she went schools and colleges, gave lectures to students and told them more about brave paraplegic soldiers. She told “after getting heavily injured, these brave soldiers don’t give up despite they continue their service, excel in studies and sports and go on to represent India on national and international level”.

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Being a motivational speaker, she said “nowadays youngsters commit suicide over little things where as our soldiers who conquered depression with their positivity and represent themselves on international level. Our new generation learn from them how to conquer the depression.

“I want to request today’s youth not to get frustrated with their lives on small things. Many people are committing suicide for a mobile phone or over a love affair. Life is precious. All of us can bring changes in others’ lives through some efforts,” Said Ms. Chavda

Ms. Chavda has also crowd funded and Donated Rs.202,165.57/- To Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre for Armed Forces – PRC


Her projects and efforts Have been Lauded by President of India – Defence Minister of India – Home Minister of India – Governor of Karnataka/Gujarat – CM and DY CM of All the states – chief Of Army Staff and etc


mitsu on siachen boarder

Supporting her Campaign army declared this year as “year dedicated to disabled Soldiers”

In 100 Woman achievers Award President also spoke about her , that could be found on her Facebook(She has been verified by Facebook and got blue tick recently).

Being a young leader, she has many awards on her name:

  1. Strong social Personality – Human Rights Organisation
  2. Gaurav gurjari Naar Award – Pride of Gujarat
  3. Noble Asian award – World record foundation
  4. Veerta Puraskar – Global Counter terrorism Council
  5. Doctorate – Honoria doctorate by California Public University in Humanities and spe. In

Social work

Apart from this , She is pursuing and practicing law, specialising in Cyber law. And She is also a well known and young sexual wellness whisperer, and speaks on much needed topics like sex education


She is a speaker for youth, spreading awareness and counselling about

  1. Prevention of suicide and drugs
  2. Anti depression and anxiety
  3. Youth empowerment
  4. Women empowerment
  5. Career Counsellor (Specially in Defence)
  6. SSB mentor. (Army navy air force)
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