What Are’nt Desired Gifts for Your Women?

an unappropriate gifts for her

Every year our men rack their brains in search of a gift for March 8th. And most are limited to flowers and chocolates. This is a classic, and women gladly accept these gifts. Further, the list of desirable gifts looks like this: perfume, expensive cosmetics, a new mobile phone, a romantic dinner at a restaurant, jewelry, or just money.

an unappropriate gifts for herOur women don’t like a bottle of sparkling wine or wine either. “March 8 is a spring and women’s holiday, I would like to receive as a gift something gentle, proving a man’s attention to you, and a bottle is not a demonstration of love,” 40-year-old Natalia is sure.

Women unanimously oppose surprises, explaining that if a surprise is agreed in advance at least in hints, then it takes place. But a surprise gift without preliminary discussion may turn out to be unnecessary, not suitable in style, or simply not to the woman’s liking. The most common mistakes, as told by the sellers of jewelry stores, are made by men buying a pendant, ring or earrings. “After March 8, some young girls and older women come to us and ask for a change or a refund.

But, as a rule, there is no receipt, and not all stores agree to exchange jewelry or agree to a refund, ”notes a sales assistant at one of the jewelry stores in a Delhi shopping center. – I advise all men: if the thought of a gift-decoration was born in your head, come with your beloved to us, and let her make a choice. You can buy it after “.

House Hold Items

household itemsComplete rejection was caused by household appliances and especially pots or pans. “I once said that we need a new frying pan,” recalls the household Marina. – But hands did not reach to buy it. And on March 8 my husband presented me with a set of pans in a box tied with a bow. I was so upset that I even thought about divorce. It’s not a gift for me, it’s for a family. Both the husband and the children will eat food prepared in this frying pan. ”

Daily Use Accessories

Women don’t like it when men give them shower gels, bath bombs, souvenirs, towels, bedding sets, plush toys, and other knickknacks that can be thrown away right away.

Wardrobe Items

Wardrobe items and shoes, as well as underwear are not very approved. Men are not always guessing with the size and fashion preferences. “Every year on March 8, my husband gives me boats,” Sunita laughs, “and he doesn’t care if I took down the previous ones. I already have 12 pairs of boats. It’s good that they are not all black. ”

Social network users noted that the gift should be personalized, that is, only for this particular lady, and not what is given to everyone. And some, by the way, called flowers a faceless gift.

But what is interesting: from a man with whom a woman has no close relationship, for example, they are just friends or he is just beginning to show his sympathy, the fairer sex is ready to accept any gift. “These are always flowers, which in this situation symbolize respect, a tribute to tradition, a desire to somehow be noted in my life. And it’s nice, ”says 30-year-old Nidhi.

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