Women’s Day Special – Rima Sunit Co- Founder and Promoter, Healthnovo

Ms. Rima Sunit, Co-founder, Healthnovo

Ms. Rima Sunit, Co-founder, Healthnovo

Please tell us about your background and journey of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own venture.

The life mantra that I religiously follow is that It is never too late to get started on a new path of success. You can shape your life the way you want it to be by putting in your efforts into work on a daily basis. I belong from a marathi working class family from Mumbai who has groomed me to be independent since the beginning.

By profession, I am a chartered accountant who has worked as a corporate slave for almost 12 years of life with brands like Ernest and Young, Wockhardt, Otis and Pidilite.Being an entrepreneur was never in the game plan but as it says god has its own plans for each one of us. Hence, the values that I created by myself, the problem solving capability that I own helped me choose my own calling of being an entrepreneur.

Covid-19 left me with a realisation of the urgent requirement of medical facilities in our country and that’s how Healthnovo was born as an  hybrid healthcare setup which primarily aims at helping you prioritise your health needs with the help of affordable, easily accessible and extremely agile health care solutions.

Please tell us about the challenges that you faced along the way.

We as  women always underestimate ourselves on balancing our professional and personal lives and the same was my situation when I started my journey as an entrepreneur. I had surrounded myself with innumerable questions and thoughts that whether the value propositions, the vision that I own would be acceptable to the market or not. Healthnovo was started at the peak of the pandemic, so we as the team were doubtful on the growth of it.

The survival without a fixed salary became questionable and all over it, there was no domestic help. So, initially I was not only overburdened but stressed over the step that I took of starting Healthnovo.

However, in these last 12 months, the major learning that I garnered was that if we let go our fears aside, we can create wonders. The one bold  step taken by me has helped me reach a level where we at Healthnovo, not only provided the best healthcare solutions but also created several healthcare opportunities which are the need of the hour in our country.

Healthnovo is not only a venture, but our own baby through whom we not only want to give back to our society but also want to raise it in a safe environment.

This women’s day I would like to convey this to every woman out there, that trust yourself, your capabilities and take that first bold step in life towards a happy, satisfied and successful you.


Delhi Magazine Team

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