Tokyo 2020 Iranian Gold Medalist is Suspected of Terrorism. Shocking News from Germany

Javad Foroughi won gold medal in tokiyo olympics

World News, Delhi Magazine: One of the German newspapers suspects that the Iranian Olympic champion is also a dangerous terrorist. Specific accusations are made against him. Javad Foroughi is one of the Iranian representatives taking part in Tokyo 2020 . It is true that he practices a not very popular discipline – it is a shooting competition with an air pistol – but on July 26 it got exceptionally loud about him. Unfortunately, not because of the sporting achievement.

Bild makes serious charges against an Iranian athlete

Iranian Javed farukhi

The Iranian, who won a gold medal in his competition during this year’s Olympics, was made a huge accusation by the German daily “Bild”. “Is there blood on this gold?” – asked in the article. Later in the text, we read that Foroughi is a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, entered on the list of terrorist organizations by the United States government.

According to the Iranian media, the Olympic champion worked as a nurse at the IRGC hospital in Tehran, and learned to shoot in the basement of that medical facility. These explanations are not sufficient for German journalists. They recalled the athlete’s interview in May this year, in which he talked about his stay in Syria. Foroughi was to confess that he was on guard at the time and was even about to prepare for an armed counterattack as a member of the Assad dictator’s troops.

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