Zelensky Told Five Steps of Protection Against Russian Aggression

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Europe Desk, Delhi Magazine: Zelensky emphasized that after the war, Ukraine and Europe need to be armed in order to resist the Kremlin’s plans.



Volodymyr Zelensky announced five steps to protect against Russian aggression. These are unity, democracy, independence, weapons and punishment for the aggressor.

The President of Ukraine said this during his speech at the Montenegrin Security Forum.

Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized that Russia is afraid of world unity , and therefore does everything possible to sow enmity between other states. Also, Russians do not recognize democratic elections of other nations if the Russian Federation loses its influence in one or another state.

“The current leaders of Russia do not recognize the results of elections and popular movements when they lose influence because of them. And they try to organize coups or corrupt the political process when they choose some kind of puppet to represent their interests. We must strictly oppose this,” the president said. .

Zelenskyi emphasized that independence is another important step for countering the aggression of the Russian Federation . The world must become independent of Russian energy sources and political influence.


The fourth step is a weapon . After the war, Ukraine and Europe must be armed in such a way that the Russians are afraid to attack other states.

Also, the Russian political leadership must be punished for their crimes against Ukrainians , because only then the tragedy of the war will not be repeated.

“They carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, because they do not believe that the world will be able to bring them to justice not only for the crime of aggression against a sovereign state, but also for any crime that can be imagined,” Zelensky emphasized.

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