Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary- A Hidden Paradise With Full of Natural Beauty

Travel Desk, Delhi Magazine: Even today there are many such places and wildlife sanctuaries in our country which are very less popular and people know very less about these places but their natural beauty is not less than any other place and wildlife sanctuary. Akash Deep Badhawan, IFS, DFO, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is working in an effort to make people aware of some such special places.

Describing about the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, he said that despite being a very beautiful sanctuary, this place is lesser known place in the knowledge of the people. He is determined to make this place popular among the people and is always ready to help people about this place. He is always available and ready to help in case anyone wants to know more about whenever anyone wants to know more about this place i.e. Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, he told that Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of Bahraich Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, UP with an area spread over 550 sq kms, this sanctuary has a healthy population of tigers, elephants, leopard and 5 species of deers. The tourists can also enjoy boating in Gerua river, jungle safari and Tharu cultural tourism during the visit.

Sanctuary has 3 ecotourism campuses, 2 in buffer zone and one in core in addition to old Forest Rest Houses (built from 1870-1898).

Out of hundreds of bird species, few are like.. Podiceps ruficollis (Dabchick), Pelicnus philipensis (spotbilled pelican), Phalacrocorax carbo ( Large Cormorant), Phalacrocorax niger (Lillte cormorant), Ardea cinera (Grey Heron), Ciconia ciconia (White Stocrk), Ciconia nigra ( Black strock), Threskiornis aethiopica (White Ibis), Gyps indicus ( Indian Longbilled Vulture), Pandion haliatus ( Osprey), Gallus gallus ( Red jungle Fowl), Grus antigone (Sarus Crane), Amaurornis phoenicurus ( whit Breasted water hen), Ninox scutulata ( Brown Hawk owl).

Route to reach Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary by road:-

1- Lucknow-Sitapur-Lakhimpur-Shardanagar-Katarniaghat
2-New Delhi-Muradabad-Bareilly Shahjahanpur-Mailani-Palia-Nighasan-Katarniaghat.
3-New Delhi-Lucknow(via expressway)-Bahraich-Motipur(entry point of Katarniaghat/buffer area with FRH).

Nearest Airport is Lucknow (211 kms) which has direct flight to all major cities of India.

If one really wants to enjoy the hidden beauty of nature and the calm and cool place then definitely visit the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary where you will not only enjoy the natural beauty but also enjoy watching wild animals and birds. ..

A beautiful natural place far away from the hustle and bustle of cities – Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary..


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