Muslim Kazi Got Angree to See DJ in Barat, 25 Thousand Fine Imposed

muslim wedding

Uttar Pradesh – News, Delhi -Magazine: In a Muslim wedding ceremony in Jhansi metropolis of Uttar Pradesh last night saw a different sight. The Kazi, who came here to teach Nikah after seeing the DJ playing in the procession, refused to participate in the marriage process. The incident took place near the bridge number 9 in Jhansi, where the procession had reached a temporary marriage house near the water tank. Here the condition became such that no qazi of the city was ready to teach the bride and groom. When the bride and groom did a lot of respect for the Qazis, they imposed a fine of 25 thousand rupees on them and then they agreed to teach marriage.

muslim wedding

Kazi Sahib got angry after seeing the DJ playing in the procession. He refused to teach marriage. At first, both the families tried hard to persuade them, but if they did not agree, then the bride’s side also contacted other Qazis in the city. However, from there too they got hopelessness. None of the Qazis of the city agreed to came the marriage.

In such a situation, it was as if a shadow of shock fell on both the families. In front of the Qazis, the bride’s side started citing the honor of the girl. But kazi shahab was not agree. After much persuasion, the Qazis ordered to pay a fine of Rs 25,000 and ask the people of the bride and groom’s side to apologize to Allah. After this, finally the Kazi was ready to teach Nikah and after about four hours of hard work, the marriage ceremony was completed.

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