Who is Ben Baba from Switzerland, An IT Professional Who Became a Hindu Sant

Who is Ben Baba?

Ben Baba is 29 years old sant originally from Switzerland, currently living in India. Baba is also a web designer by profession. He has one brother and parents in his family. His mother used to work at a yoga center in Switzerland. He used to live in the same Yoga centre, due to which he was focused on Yoga, Spirituality and Hinduism.

Why Ben Baba from Switzerland is so much famous?

Ben Baba used to earn about 10 euros per hour in Switzerland by web designing and other IT services. Baba has everything like home, car and luxury life, but his heart was not happy inside. Baba says that he read about Indian culture and yoga, and left Switzerland to pursue a spiritual path.

Ben Baba from Switzerland

Baba told that in the journey to reach here, the person who gave them the food he ate, he ate it and filled his stomach. It is being told that Ben Baba speaks very good Hindi, and Baba remembers Gayatri Mantra and Ganga Aarti Kanthastha. Sometimes he is seen walking every time and sometimes walking on the banks of the Ganges. Baba keeps walking barefoot and has reached Haridwar after a 25-day walk from Kangra in Himachal. This is a very good thing, I feel good about these people, hearing that Baba had everything, but if there is no peace of mind, nothing can be seen.

Let us tell you that this Ben Baba, who hails from Switzerland, has walked a distance of six and a half thousand kilometers. While traveling on foot, he crossed 18 countries from Europe including Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China and Pakistan.

Traveling on foot, it took him 4 years to reach India. Baba further explained that whenever he reached the country and whatever border was about to come, he applied for a visa in advance.

Ben says happiness can never be bought with money. Happiness comes from yoga and meditation. Now he has left his old life behind and is rooted in spirituality and yoga. Ben is a Fakkad.

Ben baba in Haridwar, India

He neither has the money nor his whereabouts. When he feels tiredness in walking during his journey, he stops and find a place.

On the journey, People who give him anything to eat, he fills his stomach by eating it. Ben speaks very good Hindi. Not only this, he remembers Gayatri Mantra and Ganga Aarti Kanthastha. People also jokes that he can speak Hindi better than Sonia Gandhi, who has been living here for a very long time than Baba Ben.

Sometimes he is seen walking barefoot, sometimes walking on the banks of the Ganges. Devotees are also surprised to see Ben reciting the Gayatri Mantra and performing Ganga Aarti. He has reached Haridwar after a 25-day walk from Kangra in Himachal.

Ben Baba Personal information:

Country: Switzerland

Owned: Car, Home, and other Luxury itmes.

Profession: Web Designer and Sprituality.

Family : Father, Mother and One Sibling.

Monthly income: 1.3 Lacs to 2 Lacs INR/per month (1500 Euro to 2000 Euro).

Marital Stutus: Unmarried

Relationship Status: Single

Girlfriends: Not

Religion: Christian ( by birth) and Hindu( be heart).

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