Guru Matra For Successfull Business From Falguni Nayar ( Founder of Nykaa)

Business Desk, Delhi – Magazine: Falguni Nair, the founder of beauty e-commerce company Nykaa, joined the richest self-made women billionaire club after the company’s stock listing last year. Her success is particularly motivating for women. Lets know her success mantra.

Move with the time

Falguni Nayar took the risk of starting her own business after working for 19 years. She thought of the startup at a time when online beauty cosmetics were a new thing for people. The concept of online was also new.

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She taught – It is wise to move forward by adopting changing times and increasing technology. It will make your life easier and will also help in completing the work. If you follow the old ways, you will be left behind.

Age is just a digit

Generally people think that the longer it takes to start a business, the more the challenges will increase. But Falguni Nair started a new company at the age of 50 and was successful too.

She taught – Age is only a digit. Just as there is no age to learn, there is no age to start new work. If the plan is strong and the will to do something, then age will never come in the way of success.

Start with Small

Falguni Nair started with just 10-60 orders per day. She delivered the right goods to her customers at the right price. Putting customer satisfaction first and never spared the effort of fulfilling it.

She taught – Start any new work small. Keep in mind the likes and needs of your customers and try to satisfy them. This effort will one day take you to great heights.

Be Patient

She had already thought that by the time she was 50, she would start her own business. She honestly did her first job. After that started the company with the right plan.

She taught that if you want to do something, you have to be patient. Plan, fix time, take right decision, learn and make dream come true when right time comes.

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