Delhi Riots – Who is responsible? Centre Government? Or Delhi Government or Anyone Else?

Heart wrenching voices and killings are certainly not something that is pleasing to the human heart.  42 people, including a policeman named Ratan Lal and an IB personal named Ankit Sharma, have lost their lives in the Delhi riots, the cause for which is not deeply analysed and is therefore, concluded as communal violence. Enactment of the citizenship law and its opposition since December 15th  across the country, including Delhi, has now taken a serious turn. Violence has reached its peak and such an intensity could not be fathomed by the government and the administration. These riots had begun early in December  2019, but worsened gradually due to non interference and non clearance of what exactly CAA is. However, who began the protests, and how was it taken just for the Muslim people is something that cannot be stamped. Small instances have risen to violent actions, harming the innocent. Even IB already have some clue for these riots.

What is further to worry about is the biased and judgemental media around the world. At the moment some fairness, restrain and a staunch step is needed instead a belief in the grapevine.  After such an incident of chaos in the country, the failure of the government, the inaction of the police, the politics of blaming the opposition of the ruling party or the government of the opposition is something that has taken place over and over again during the time of crisis, which sure is not needed. To answer who is responsible for this, it is a collective mindset that of the government, the opposition, various Muslim leaders, administration, judiciary, media all seemed to have fanned the wrong, bringing this day for us to discuss the religious dogmas of the society.

Numerous unkind and heartless acts of stone pelting, burning people’s shops, running a drilling machine in the head of an unarmed police, firing a gun on police personnel or imposing acid on security forces, have made people more communists than anything could have. This has kindled more hatred for the other religion than love for our own. The acid burning in people’s heart must be neutralized; however questions remains the same, How??  Delhi Riots were already outlined in hearts because of Triple talaq and other steps taken by Government. 

Looking back,  a few events burgeoned and gave rise to this outburst. Starting from Triple Talaq law that was passed , section 370 and then the decisions of Ram temple together led to this eruption. Because not only the Muslim women and men involved in the CAA protests, even Maulana himself was heard during debates on National Television saying that we were silent on the Triple Talak, kept quiet on 370, also tolerated the decision of Ram temple but now for the CAA will not remain calm. But when they were asked about the harm done by the CAA to the Muslims of the country, they had nothing to say about either CAA  and NRC. When they were told that the NRC had not yet arrived, it would have spoken of mistrust on Modi and Amit Shah. This is true and it is not hidden from anyone that the Muslims of the country do not trust the BJP, which the leaders are well aware of. They were also aware that the advantage of this weakness arises from the opposition whether it is Congress, AAP or Muslim leader himself. In such a situation, the BJP scored a self-goal by bringing citizenship law and the Opposition grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Because when a Muslim citizen of the country has nothing to do with the citizenship law, why is he afraid? It is perhaps the confusion, or more so the greed for some money, alcohol and food that they have been protesting for.

The question is that when the responsible people in the government like the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Law Minister, Minority Affairs Minister of the country have repeatedly told in various forums that this law has nothing to do with the Muslims of the country, yet the riots have taken place and numerous innocent were injured and uprooted from their houses and businesses. Just like the big leaders of Congress or Muslim leaders like Owaisi or Waris Pathan on forums like Shaheenbagh or filmmakers like Swara Bhaskar, Anurag Kashyap or student leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar, there is no denying the contribution of hate speech of these people in Delhi riots. These have certainly sparked communists emotions. Similarly, despite the violent protests in JNU and Jamia Milia for almost two months, the lukewarm attitude of Delhi administration and police was also a dormant factor in letting these riots erupt. The government’s silence on this dissatisfaction prevailing in the country for almost two months was political but now when the situation has worsened and has gone beyond an action for the Delhi Government , they are crowning the central government  and the Supreme Court including the police administration are being blamed for the riots.

It is unfortunate that today a less educated young man of the Muslim community becomes a jihadi then more educated becomes Sharazil Imam. When Javed Akhtar isseen a Muslim in a criminal (his reaction to the FIR on Tahir Hussain) he not only plays with the harmony of this country but he also plays with the sentiments of his own community and his future. Therefore, the need is that Muslim citizens of the country who are in public life who have reached a valuable position, also understand their accountability and present examples that connect the entire Muslim community with the mainstream of the country rather than incite them to rebel,because their credibility in the Muslim community is more than any non-Muslim, they should understand the seriousness of this matter and not take advantage of it.

Delhi Magazine Team

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