Russia is going to making changes in the constitution

Russian Parliament  going to make some changes in constitution
President Vladimir Putin has submitted some proposals to Parliament for making some changes in constitution of Russia. The President’s proposals say that the definition of marriage is changed along with mention of God in the Constitution. The Russian President created a political storm in January by proposing a complete amendment to the constitution. This will be the first attempt to change the basic rules in the country after 1993.

On the other hand President Putin mentioned that Russia has developed unique offensive weapons. But its purpose is not to start a war with anyone but to maintain ‘strategic balance’ and ‘strategic stability’ in the world.

The lower house approved the first part of the Constitution Amendment Bill in less than two hours. The President submitted new proposals to the Speaker of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin before the second part was tabled next week. According to the statement issued by the Russian Parliament, the President has proposed the amendments after talks with all the constituents and representatives of civil society.

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