Spicy, Tangy, Sweet All Flavors to Try in Delhi

Delhi food flavors

Each place and its people are known for their work cultures, lifestyles, success and development but more importantly, the food and heritage. The lavish party lives, the culture of outings although comes secondary but is prevailed by food. Put in short, it all begins with food and ends with the term, “I ate a little too extra”. Well, Delhi is no different when it comes to its enormous food habits, holding an upper strata is the list of popular cities, it too is famous for its varied food variety. Catering food of all cultures here is a list of some food items that are a must-try in Delhi and are topmost in the list of Delhites.

  • Cakes and sweets

cakes and sweets in delhiDelhi may be a hub of many other things, but it is a hub of little sweet tooths and winning in this category is cakes. The trend of sending online cakes in Delhi is a popular one, and red velvet, chocolate, butterscotch, themed and customized cakes are some options that bag the first place.

  • Street Food

Primarily famous for its street food, Delhi is a winning choice when it comes to munching on gol gappas, tikkis, chaats, kachoris, samosas and what not. Available everywhere and collectively of all regions and cultures, it is undoubtedly a speciality. Delhi Street food

  • Parathas

Also very famous, the “parathe wali gali” and any other place, Delhi is full of the paratha culture. Many places specially devoted to just parathas of varying varieties are stuck in Delhite’s hearts. Aloo paratha, gobi parathas, mix veg and paneer parathas are some top shot choices.

  • Non Vegetarian items

A significant choice in Delhi when it comes to food habits will forever remain to be non-vegetarian. Found in restaurants, street vendors, it is a party snack and a late-night dinner as well. Cooked in spicy curries and coupled with crispy onion and naans it is an indispensable dish.

  • Fried food items

No matter how diet conscious and a gym freak, everyone lies weak in front of fried food items. Found very prevalently in the streets of Delhi they can easily be made at home as well. They happen to make good breakfast and snack items, including potato chips, tikka and chips.

  • Bhel Puri and Chaats

These two names, of course, need special attention in the list of best food items to have in Delhi. Again majorly found in the streets, they are loved for their spicy and tangy flavour, their crispy and crunchy element and its ease to eat anywhere you want.

  • Icecreams and shakes

A popular dish in the list of after-dinner food items is ice creams and shakes. Going to an ice cream parlour or turning to a stall in the street is totally up to you. Remember to not go to bed without ice cream, especially on special days and the cold winter ones.

  • The typical Indian food

An open option available all time and everywhere in Delhi is Dal and chapati, not the regular ones we have every day at our homes, but the tandoori and tadka flavours one we have at restaurants and dhabas. Clubbed with butter and the crunchy naans, the dish makes you drool all over.

  • Kebabs and Rolls

An undeniable choice, kebabs and rolls in Delhi are a super yummy and famous choice for not just the foodies but the occasion party people as well. Served with chutneys and onions, it is mostly a one-stop choice for those who like both oily and healthy at once.

  • Sandwiches and burgers

Winning in the category of junk food per se, it is another popular choice when it comes to curbing hunger and cravings. Brands that offer the dishes offer superb taste and prices as well, which makes them a hit in the young generation, but the ones from the street are too good to describe.

Reading about all the fantastic dishes you can have in Delhi you are surely drooling and going nuts with hunger, wait no more and start filling up your all-time hungry-for-food stomach and get ready to exclaim, “I ate a little extra”.


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