Mind Wars Achieves 12 Lakh Subscribers Reaching Over 2 Crore Students Across India

Mind Wars

Education – Desk, Delhi Magazine: Mind Wars, India’s biggest knowledge platform for school students recently crossed another milestone of 12 lakh subscribers with its reach of over 2 crore students across the country. The brainchild of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) and launched in 2019, Mind Wars is a first-of-its-kind multiplatform knowledge program, that aims to create the country’s largest knowledge database for school kids.

Mind Wars

As we are still under the cover of Covid-19 globally, everyone is still adjusting to different ways of learning and functioning said Mr.  Umesh Kr Bansal, Executive Vice President, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. Today our program has reached out to students from all 28 states and 8 union territories. With over 1 lakh pieces of content in 8 different languages Mind Wars today has representation from across all state and central boards.

Research has established that quizzes help students gain knowledge in a fun way and motivate them to learn better. Quizzes sharpen children’s brains and prepare them for the competitive environment and that is why they make for the perfect complementary activity to classroom studying. This enabled Mind Wars reach students participation and registration from 92% of the total districts (659 Districts) across the country.

The initial phase of last year’s lockdown was difficult for schools, teachers and students. As the use and understanding of technology improved to counter the effects of the lockdown restrictions, the brand observed an increased acceptance for a digital product that complements the efforts being put in by the teachers and parents in ensuring that learning continues. The Mind Wars program and its application has been able to achieve participation from over 17000 schools with teachers from over 5000 schools also benefiting from the use of this application and thereby promoting its use amongst their students.

Mind Wars’ live quizzes across all our all our social media platforms have been very popular, with students eagerly looking forward to participating and winning. Overall, Mind Wars has received tremendous feedback from parents and teachers, who have praised the platform for providing kids with knowledge-based alternatives and helping them, use their time productively, in keeping with Mind War’s motto to ‘Make India Smarter’. “We envision a future where children are empowered with knowledge that makes them street smart and equipped to take on any situation in life; that’s why we say that they are knowledge champions,” Mr. Bansal signed off.

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