Thinkerplace Introduced Their Newly Designed Pre-School S.T.E.M DIY Kits


Education Desk, Delhi Magazine: ThinkerPlace, an EdTech company that specializes in creating new and innovative ways to engage children in S.T.E.M [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] based learning through the means of educational toys is all set to collaborate with schools in Pune to launch their newly designed Pre-school S.T.E.M based DIY kits. Since ThinkerPlace’s launch in 2019, they have been redefining education for young minds across several age groups.

The S.T.E.M based DIY kits provide children the opportunity to learn new-age skills such as robotics, automation, electronics, coding, and more, in a unique manner and at their own pace. Introducing these kits at schools in Pune will encourage children to experiment what they’ve learnt in day-to-day life. The S.T.E.M kits will be provided to students from Nursery to UKG between the age group of 3-6 years. Along with providing children with kits, ThinkerPlace has also designed unique curriculums for each age group and has also ‘gamified’ the products to ensure children are introduced to  S.T.E.M learning methodology the right way.

The response we’ve received so far has truly encouraged us to do more and proof that we’re heading in the right direction. Introducing children to innovative ways of learning, showing them a world to ‘learning beyond books’ is the most rewarding and humbling experience. Taking this next step of collaborating with schools in Pune in our journey just seemed like the right decision and we can’t wait to see more children reap the benefits of S.T.E.M learning, says Ms Deepti Sharma – Director ThinkerPlace”.

 The gamification approach, which is a newly added feature introduces learning to children in a fun way through games. The games are interactive and story-based which assists a child to learn through experience. In addition, children can also play the game to better retain what they have learned.


 The ultimate aim for ThinkerPlace has always been to cultivate scientific mindset among children, expand their horizon, encourage innovative, creative thinking and provoke thinking out of the box throughout their learning process. The preschool products are focused on introducing advanced concepts of science to children in an easy and engaging way through the means of the DIY S.T.E.M toy. The toys introduce STEM concepts like solar energy, aerodynamics, engineering mechanics, wireless technology, magnetic force, sensor-based technology, and much more.

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