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The study room usually becomes the second fiddle to more important spaces in our house like the living room and the bedroom. We focus on decorating these spaces since they witness most of the action, and often pay less attention to the study room. Since you spend a lot of quiet time reading and learning new things in this space, it’s important to make this room as comfortable as possible.

We often relate to only placing a study table, chair, and a modern bookshelf in a study room, but there are several other small things that you can do to make the space look trendy, yet cozy. Here are some ideas.

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  1. Create an accent wall: The best way to lend a breath of fresh air to any room is to work on the walls of the space. Sometimes a simple change in the paint color itself is enough to prep up a boring space. Since the study room is all about learning, reading, and being creative, why not create an accent wall with all the inspirational quotes?  Opt for a mix of quirky, fun, and motivational quotes to ignite creative thinking. If budget allows go ahead and paint this wall in a different color so that it stands out, giving the room a fashionable look. accent wall decoration
  2. Add extra lighting: The right amount of lighting is an essential part of any room. A well-lit room provides a better environment to study, or work. Adding a couple of table lamps, sconces for focus lighting, and some aesthetic and sleek ceiling lighting should do the trick.
  3.  Rework on storage space: The study room requires more storage space to hold all your priced books, study material, or even office files. Adding floating shelves to the walls is a fabulous way to use the vertical space to create extra storage and display space without cluttering the room. If you have a compact room, then investing in a study table with bookshelf design that fits snugly into the space is an excellent idea.tablewithbookself
  4. Add a rug for warmth: Rugs are a humble room décor element that can add a cozy feel to the room, without much investment. You can choose between colorful, geometric patterned rugs to simple undertone fur rugs, depending on what appeals to you. Adding a rug to the room gives it a classy factor and can be the source of pop of color that your study room may be craving.
  5. Blend nature into the room: To make the room look welcoming, and lively, add some greenery to the space. Strategically place a few potted plants in the room and see the difference for yourself. If your study room doesn’t get enough natural lighting, then opt for indoor plants that require less maintenance and will grow even with minimal sunlight exposure. Aloe vera, peace lilies, and lucky bamboo are a few examples. natureinroom
  6. Add a comfortable big size chair: For the times when you just want to curl up and read your favorite book while sipping a cup of coffee, a big size armchair is what you need in the room that can be placed right next to the window.

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The above ideas are simple, yet can make a huge difference to the look of your study

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