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Fashion is currently undergoing an unprecedented ethical and ecological shift. Little present a few years ago, however, the question of green fashion is now on everyone’s lips: luxury brands are abandoning animal fur one by one, fast-fashion brands are redeeming their consciences by creating capsule collections. eco-responsible while emerging labels reconcile desirable ready-to-wear and responsible manufacturing.

If consumers are now looking for ethical and sustainable fashion, they do not want to sacrifice their style. A requirement to which young designers respond by combining chic and ethics in their collections. This involves, among other things, the use of organic, natural, local materials such as GOTS Clothing ( Global Organic Textile Standards ) certified cotton, hemp, lyocell or linen.

The labels are also adopting a more transparent approach towards consumers: detailed production steps, environmental impact of the manufacturing process measured. The consumer now has access to all the information relating to the development of the garment. Advocating thoughtful consumption, more and more emerging brands produce in limited quantities and do not practice sales.

Consuming better and consuming less, this is the current trend that particularly delights us! That’s why, 11 years ago, E2R was born as a precursor to upcycling. An ethical approach for this pioneering company: to combine environmental awareness and elegance.

We want to share with you our favorites for eco-responsible and committed brands.

What is a sustainable fashion brand?

Defining a sustainable fashion brand in a few words is not easy. Our article ” what is sustainable fashion  ” will help you see more clearly. In a few words: a sustainable fashion brand aims to extend the life of a garment and reduce its environmental impact.  Thus, to do this, it must rigorously act at all stages of the life of the garment: selection of raw materials, design, production, packaging, transport, storage, etc.

A sustainable fashion brand can act on many levels: you will find in our selection brands from upcycling, brands using recycled materials or natural materials.

Top Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands in the World

Best Luxury Clothing Brands for Women


It needs no introduction: the Chanel brand is one of the biggest haute couture houses in France. Founded in 1910 by Gabrielle Chanel, also called “Coco Chanel”, the house specializes in the manufacture of luxury clothing, accessories, leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics. At the time, Chanel began its story in an apartment in which Coco Chanel created her pieces. But quickly, the fashion world gets carried away and Chanel becomes a real reference in the matter. She also marked the history of perfumery by launching the very famous perfume “Chanel N°5”.


Although the Chanel haute couture house must be strongly developed, it does not lose the craftsmanship that has made its reputation. But now, the brand surrounds itself with the greatest in the world of fashion to design its collections for women. Karl Lagerfeld has also brought his touch to the brand with iconic clothes combining the elegance of femininity and masculine codes. Chanel’s flagship piece that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe? Its famous tailor, who will sublimate all silhouettes with chic and French elegance.


Dior is a renowned French haute couture house founded in 1946 by couturier Christian Dior. The house’s first collection was presented in 1947, alongside couturier Pierre Cardin. The success was immediate, and for good reason: Dior had just given birth to the “New Look” style, a style that completely revolutionized the codes of femininity in effect at the time. This style is characterized by fitted jackets and skirts whose length falls below the knees. Although it has gradually faded, the “New Look” spirit is still visible in the current collections offered by Dior.


Christian Dior also owes the success of his house to the iconic women it has been able to dress. Marlène Dietrich, Marylin Monroe and, more recently, Marion Cotillard or Kate Moss, are all part of the muses who propelled the brand to center stage. In addition to its sublime clothes with elaborate cuts and rigorously selected materials, Dior also offers women a wide range of leather goods. The Lady Dior handbag and the Miss Dior handbag are the two most iconic models revealed by the famous haute couture house.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian haute couture house born in 1985 at the instigation of its two founders and designers, Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana. What do all the collections of this great house have in common? The little touch of dolce vita that has inspired Dolce & Gabbana designers since the creation of the luxury brand. What characterizes the brand’s clothes is above all the universe of sensations, traditions and Mediterranean culture. The silhouettes proposed by the stylists are sensual and elegantly provocative. Hourglass silhouettes are queens and lingerie is openly worn as real ready-to-wear pieces.

Ornaments are also an integral part of the Dolce & Gabbana style. Baroque or animal prints as well as richly colored fabrics make the label one of the most famous in the world. In 1994, Dolce & Gabbana diversified by launching a more accessible range called D&G. This new line also represents a more urban and up-to-date style for everyday life. The development of the brand also continues with the expansion of its collection of leather goods, accessories, jewelry, perfumes and shoes that will harmoniously complete your daring look.


The Fendi haute couture house was founded in Italy in 1925. It was originally a fur and leather goods workshop. It is now one of the most promising Italian luxury ready-to-wear brands of the moment. The Fendi allure that has made the brand one of the greatest haute couture houses in the world? The glamor and sophistication of Roman looks. Its fashion DNA? Certainly its craftsmanship as well as noble materials such as leather or fur.

Fendi allows assertive women to reveal their personality through elaborate looks and sophisticated pieces. The brand also happily complements all your outfits with luxury leather goods and in particular its iconic piece, the Baguette bag, which recently returned to the forefront of the fashion scene. To


Founded by Mario Prada in Milan in 1913, Prada is one of the most renowned haute couture houses in Italian fashion. With more than a century of history, the famous luxury brand now enjoys worldwide renown. She designs clothes for women, men and children, but also accessories, perfumes and even luxury items for the home. Each season, Prada reveals collections rich in emotions, like true works of art filled with personality and elegance.


The clothing collections developed by the Prada house stand out from other haute couture houses for their clean lines, monochrome pieces and dominant black. These are elegant, sophisticated clothes but without frills or ornaments. Garments that are appreciated for their essence and for the sensitivity brought by Prada in the cuts and materials rigorously selected in their manufacture. A style that is both sober and elaborate, which highlights the woman who wears her delicate Prada outfit.


Gucci is a famous luxury brand founded in 1921 by leather designer Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. The Gucci brand was first specialized in high-end and artisanal leather goods. But, on the strength of its success, the brand developed rapidly and revealed its first clothing collections in the 1960s. Since then, it has never stopped innovating and offers accessories, shoes, leather goods and luxury clothing for women and men.

The haute couture fashion collections for women are overseen by various well-known designers such as Tom Ford and Frida Giannini. The clothes on offer are bold and glamorous. The stiletto heels, symbols of the brand, and the embellished low-cut dresses sign sexy and delicately provocative silhouettes. In short, the Gucci allure is above all the skilful balance between glamour, sensuality, eccentricity and sophistication. A clean identity that makes it unique among all the biggest haute couture houses.

Economical Ecofriendly and Sustainble Clothing Brands


‘Simple clothes for colorful people’. ARIELLE is a sustainable clothing label committed to organic, recycled and zero-waste fabrics, local manufacturing, a fair trade supply chain and plastic-free packaging and production. The founder, Texas-born designer Arielle, launched her eponymous label in 2018 after accumulating more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, including design roles at Rachel Comey, Alexander Wang and Madonna. Her brand reflects her personal values – Arielle is a zero spender, climate lobbyist and human rights advocate. Living in New York continues to inspire her creative, cosmopolitan and pragmatic approach to design.

Head office: New York.

People Tree

For over 20 years, People Tree has worked collaboratively with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in developing countries to create ethical and sustainable fashion. Every year, founder and activist Safia Minney travels to the various production countries to ensure fair working conditions . Her fashion is simple with some playful prints underneath. I particularly like the jewelry, which is easy to overlook on the site. This is a mistake.

Jan’n June

In the summer of 2014, two young women from Hamburg founded the label “Jan’n June” to get sustainable fashion from the organic corner. What you can find in her online shop today is impressive: Flowing fabrics, minimalist design and a touch of playfulness. The founders have mapped the entire production chain on an interactive map.


PANGAIA is a materials science company with a mission to save our environment together. They use as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible. The label uses bio-based, recycled fibers and materials made from recycled plastic bottles. The result is a thoughtful collection of wardrobe essentials.

Brand origin: London.


The New York label creates luxurious and elegant collections and attaches particular importance to the careful use of resources – sustainable luxury that is designed to last. Find here. She expressive cuts and designs that emphasize femininity.

Head office:New York |

Bidges & Sons

Bearded men in knitted hats and thick hoodies, that’s Bidges & Sons. The small Hamburg streetwear label was founded by two brothers who wanted to produce fair, sustainable and vegan clothing that doesn’t scream “eco”. The prints are designed in their office on the Reeperbahn, and they are produced in Germany and other countries under fair conditions. Bidges & Sons is GOTS and Fairtrade certified.

Two Thirds

When I see Two Thirds fashion , I want to go straight out into nature. The Spanish label uses the sea as a constant source of inspiration and is committed to sustainable craftsmanship. What comes out: Cheerful colours, beautiful patterns, loose cuts and comfortable materials.


Sustainable streetwear from Cologne is available from Dedicated . The prints scream in bright colors, with images from old film classics or wild graphics. The shirts and hoodies are affordable, despite the organic cotton and fair trade seal. The website gives an insight into the production facilities in India and China.


If you’re missing a pair of well-fitting jeans, you should check out Everlane . The label from the USA tailors denim for every figure from materials that do not pollute the environment. In the production of their collection, which also includes dresses, shirts, shoes, bags and jackets, the American label pays particular attention to transparency. Their website discloses how the price of a part is determined and in which factories it is produced.


Treches was founded on the floor of a feminist shared flat in Berlin. The label is bold, loud and exciting. It sometimes happens that a print consists only of cabbage leaves. Each piece is designed and sewn in a studio in Berlin, the fabrics come from Turkey and Portugal.


Melawear focuses on fairly produced, vegan sneakers, backpacks and streetwear. With the large-scale online shop, the label from Kassel wants to make the leap from niche to mass market. You can see that in the prices: simple shirts cost just under 20 euros, less than most other fair fashion labels.


The Stuttgart-based label Wiederbebt takes industrial surplus goods and leftovers from textile companies in Baden-Württemberg and makes new clothes out of them. Their collections are 100 percent made in Stuttgart and are strictly limited. There are 50 copies of each item of clothing. There is a valuable idea behind this: by not offering masses of collections off the shelf, the label wants to restore the value of clothing. You have to put a little more money on the table for this, but ideally you have a favorite piece that will stay in the closet for a long time.


Anyone who likes to be outdoors should already know patagonia . Founded by a nature-loving Californian who made accessories for climbers, the label’s outdoor clothing is now worn by globetrotters around the world. Patagonia donates a fixed amount of its profits to environmental organizations and encourages people to only buy what they really need. In 2015, the company sent a workshop vehicle through the USA to repair used products of their brand free of charge and thus make them usable longer.


ARMEDANGELS  is one of the best-known fair fashion labels. The founders from Cologne advertise with timeless design, sustainable materials and fair production conditions. The label deliberately decides not to follow any trend in order to take a stand against fast fashion. “We don’t want a single ARMEDANGELS product to endanger the environment or be detrimental to the people who make it,” says their website. Production takes place in Portugal, Lithuania, Tunisia, China and Turkey.

Head office: Cologne, Germany

Thinking Mu

Thinking Mu prints graphics from young designers on sustainably produced fabrics. The collections are colourful, cheerful and reminiscent of the lightness of Barcelona, ​​the hometown of the young label. The fabrics are dyed without toxic chemicals and protect rivers and groundwater.



California | they are a non-seasonal line of Elevated Basics that are 100% sustainably made in the USA from the world’s softest fibers. BLEUSALT works with pride to be completely waste-free. They ship with recyclable boxes and use no plastic. Their goal is to make the highest quality sustainable luxury clothing a little more accessible for everyone.


L.A. | a locally produced label and shop for sustainable modern clothing. Using a combination of durable fabrics, organic and recycled fabrics and designer dead stock.


L.A. | sustainable, vintage-inspired fashion label that testifies to quality and craftsmanship. All garments are produced on site and made exclusively from waste materials. By women for women for everyday or special occasions.


New York | Stylish clothing, shoes and accessories with a focus on simplicity, sustainability and circularity. EILEEN FISHER offers versatile & timeless styles in small and large sizes. The company is also known for working with non-traditional models, including female employees.


Gabriela Hearst is a New York-based men’s and women’s clothing designer who launched her sustainable eponymous label in 2015 and made headlines with the Nina Bag, which launched in 2016 and has a long waiting list. After launching her first label, a contemporary women’s line called Candela, in 2004, Hearst focused on sustainability for her second ready-to-wear line, using existing materials and unused factory inventory.

Gabriella Hearst

With her passion for quality, Gabriela Hearst, winner of the International Woolmark Prize, is able to win over stars like Emma Watson. Sustainability and tradition are more important to the designer than fast-moving trends. That is why she invests a lot of time in the elaboration and refinement of details. In her home country of Uruguay, she produces luxurious garments and limits the number to guarantee quality and sustainability. In addition, Gabriela Hearst is a true visionary. In 2017 she designed a special silver fabric that shields cell phone radiation from women’s reproductive organs and staged the first carbon-neutral fashion show in 2019. Most recently, she created a collection, part of the proceeds of which were donated to Save the Children, in cooperation with Mytheresa.

Hess Natur

One of the best-known fair fashion shops for women, men and children is Hess Natur. If you drop by there again, you will be surprised how the design has been overhauled and nothing of the “old-fashioned eco” can be seen anymore. There are shops in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Butzbach.


MATE is committed to using non-toxic, natural and organic materials. Organic cotton uses 87% less water than conventionally grown cotton and emits 45% less greenhouse gases. By using the organic cotton label, they ensure the safety of the people we work with and the products we sell.

Head office: Los Angeles |


Inspired by the bygone days of California and the cool girls of French New Wave cinema, the brand consists of jumpsuits available in denim, cotton and linen, sheer blouses with Peter Pan collars, corduroy shift dresses in mustard , rust and denim and many other retro essentials that might have style admirers asking, “Is that vintage?” The sustainable label is produced in Los Angeles entirely from deadstock fabrics and handmade by “seriously rad women” who are paid fairly. The brand also offers a selection of affordable vintage finds to complement their styles.

Head office: Los Angeles |

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