Apache Replaced Russian-made Mi-35 Helicopter. Why Apache is So Much Special?

Apache AH-64E, a popular fighter helicopter is added in Indian Air Force fleet. Apache Helicopters have so many specialties, that why, Indian Government ordered it to American Government and US aerospace company Boeing in 2015. A single Apache Helicopter  can fire 14 missiles simultaneously.
The 1st batch of 8 Apache AH-64E helicopters was received at Ghaziabad’s Hindon Airbase last week.

On the occasion of adding these fighter helicopters in IAF fleet, different types of prayers were performed by all religious leaders at Pathankot Airbase. In the presence of Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa, these choppers were given a water cannon salute in the ceremony.  Apache’s squadron commander stationed in Pathankot will be Group Captain M. Shailu. It is being told that Apache is one of the world’s multi-role combat helicopters. Apache replaced the Russian-made Mi-35 helicopter.

Main specialties of Apache AH-64E:

1. It can attack at night

  Apache is able to fight in night. It is equipped with laser, infrared and night vision systems, so that it can do all the work of enemies even in the dark.

2. Radar can’t catch it easily 

This helicopter is also not able to easily catch by the radar of enemies. This is mainly due to the semi-stealth technology of the helicopter and its ability to fly at low altitudes. It is equipped with state-of-the-art longbow radar.

3. Equipped with Hellfire and stringer missiles: 

The Apache fighter helicopter consists of 16 anti-tank AGM-114 Hellfire and Stringer missiles. Hellfire missiles can fly any armored vehicle such as tanks, cannon, BMP vehicles in an instant. The stringer missile is capable of withstanding any threat from the air. Along with this, it also has a Hydra-70 unguided missile which can destroy any target on the ground.

Some other minor specialties 

  • It can fly at a maximum speed of 280 km per hour.
  • It can fire 14 missiles simultaneously
  • Apache is known worldwide as a multi-role combat helicopter.
  • Apache has 16 anti-tank AGM-114 Hellfire missile dropping capability.
  • It is equipped with two guns of 30 mm.
  • The aircraft has been used in the US military for a long time, but now the number of countries using it is increasing steadily.
  • 1,200 tablets are loaded at a time.
  • The number of countries using it is increasing steadily.
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