Captain Amrinder Singh Again Warned Pakistan PM Imran Khan in Case of Kidnapped Sikh Girl.

Earlier Pakistan has Spread fake news that they has took actions against the convicted in case of kidnapped and forcibly converted Sikh Girl Jagjit Kaur. But new video from the family of the girl shows that no action has been taken by Pakistan government against criminals. After knowing this Punjab CM Sh. Captain Amrinder Singh gave again a warning to Pak PM Imran Khan.

Mr. Singh also offers help to the victim and victims family. Yesterday in a Tweet, Mr. Singh said that, “Even after so many days,

has failed to help out Jagjit Kaur, forcibly converted & married against her wishes. I would like to extend my full support to the young girl & will be happy to have her & her family settle down in Punjab along with any help needed.”
Near about 16k twitter users like his twitted and shared it on their twitter walls.

Delhi Magazine Team

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