Why have soldiers been fighting in recent days in Nagorno-Karabakh? Will the old conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia end up being resolved?   1. What is the status of this territory? Yann Breault: Nagorno-Karabakh is an autonomous region, mainly populated by Armenians, which is historically part of the Azerbaijani Soviet […]

 Beautiful Hollywood Actresses Hollywood has presented to us years of entertainment and it perpetually will continue to do so. Many stars were born during their Hollywood journey; however, some have been stars forever and up-surged Hollywood into a steep upward curve of success.  This article today is attributed to such […]

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has just affected the entire world more than any of us were ready for. It began with news originating from China, where the remainder of the world stayed neglectful of the threats that lurked so near them. Then, it occurred so abruptly that the world as a […]