Ayodhya’s Newly Constructed Ram Temple Gathers Rs 25 Crore in Donations, Including Gold and Silver Offerings

Ayodhya Ram Mandir

India Desk, Delhi Magazine: The newly constructed Ram temple in Ayodhya, UP, has been inundated with donations totaling approximately Rs 25 crore within just a month after its consecration on January 22. Among these contributions are 25 kilograms of gold and silver jewelry, reflecting the immense generosity of devotees.

Prakash Gupta, the office in-charge of the Ram Mandir Trust, revealed that the substantial sum includes various forms of donations, such as cheques, drafts, and cash deposited both directly and into donation boxes. However, he noted that they lack information regarding online transfers to the trust’s bank accounts.

Gupta expressed gratitude for the unwavering devotion of devotees, who are contributing items crafted from precious metals for Ramlala, even if they cannot be utilized within the temple premises. Despite this, the trust continues to accept such offerings, recognizing the sincerity and reverence behind them.

As the auspicious Ram Navami festival approaches, the temple trust anticipates a surge in donations, with an estimated 50 lakh devotees expected to flock to Ayodhya. To accommodate this influx, the State Bank of India has installed automatic counting machines at Ram Janmabhoomi and established additional donation counters within the temple complex.

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Anil Mishra, a trustee of the temple trust, disclosed that the responsibility for evaluating and managing the received gold, silver, and other precious materials has been entrusted to the Indian Government Mint. Furthermore, an agreement has been forged between the State Bank of India and the trust, wherein the bank assumes responsibility for collecting and depositing donations.

With a dedicated team working in shifts, the counting of donated cash is proceeding swiftly. Plans are also underway to construct a well-equipped counting room within the Ram temple complex to manage the influx of contributions efficiently.

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