Putin Spoke in Favor of Taliban Militant Organizatin About the Incident in Afghanistan

Vladimir putin on taliban

International Desk, Delhi Magazine: Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the events in Afghanistan, where the militants of the terrorist movement Taliban, banned in Russia, seized power. According to him, it is necessary to proceed from the reality that the entire territory of the republic is now ruled by the Taliban, and not to allow “of course, the collapse of the Afghan state.”

Vladimir putin on talibanThe Russian leader added that it is necessary to stop imposing outside values ​​from outside and build democracies in other states. He recalled that the militants have already guaranteed the observance of the rights of citizens and foreigners.

According to him, it was the events in Afghanistan that turned out to be one of the main topics of the talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow. At a press conference after the meeting, the Russian leader said that it is important to prevent terrorists from entering the countries adjacent to Afghanistan, including under the guise of refugees.

Taliban hunted journalists:

In western Afghanistan, Taliban fighters killed and severely injured relatives of a Deutshe Welle journalist. This was stated in the publication itself.

The Taliban were looking for a journalist who is currently in Germany. The Taliban searched each house in turn to find a newspaper employee. In one of the houses, they found part of the journalist’s family who did not manage to evacuate. They killed one of them and seriously wounded the other. The remaining family members are hiding from the militants and awaiting evacuation.

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