Russian Woman Arrested for Nude Photography Near Sacred Tree in Bali

russian woman in bali arrested near sacred tree

World Desk, Delhi Magazine: Immigration police in the city of Denpasar on the Indonesian island of Bali have detained a Russian tourist named Louise, who was photographed naked against the backdrop of the sacred eucalyptus tree in Tabanan.

sacred tree in tabanan, bali

Immigration police officer Ikal Rifai confirmed the arrest while talking to reporters on Thursday. He did not share the details of the incident, promising to do so later.


Earlier, footage of a naked tourist posing in front of a tourist attraction, the Kayu Putih tree in Bali, appeared in local media. This place is sacred to the locals and revered by them.

Russian woman near sacred tree in tabanan bali

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According to the rector of the local temple of Babakan, Kurna Vijay, whom Detik refers to, the scandalous photo is unfamiliar to him and he is not sure when exactly it was taken.

He added that after the same incident last year, control over foreign tourists was strengthened, signs were also installed with explanations, including in English and Russian, what exactly tourists can do in the area of ​​the Babakan temple and the surrounding eucalyptus trees.

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