10 Secrets You Should Never Share with Anyone

Secrets you never tell to anyone

Motivational Desk, Delhi Magazine: Opening yourself up too much to others can undermine your personal and professional success. Our world revolves around everything that is true, yet balance is needed. That is, some things are better left unsaid! According to the sages, we need to keep our mouths shut on certain matters.

1. Your long term plans.
We must never reveal our long-term plans to anyone. Wait until they are performed. Our plans and ideas end up being vulnerable, they are also tarnished when we reveal it to other people who may not understand the importance of it to you and will question it or even laugh at your dreams. They just don’t see the same picture as you.

2. Your Bank Balance
This is something that only a very small group of people should know: the people who work at your bank. You should never talk about the money you earn because you never know what the financial situation of the people you are with is. It may seem like you’re bluffing without meaning to. Money can change relationships between people irreparably. Once your financial situation is vox populi, people start to look at you differently. You already know, forbidden to talk about the money you earn.

3. Your family issues.
What happens within your family, the moments you share with significant others, your private life, all of that must remain private. You must be considerate of other people’s privacy. The details you know about your family members and your partner, you know them for a reason. You are close to them. Do not share your loved ones’ personal affairs without their permission.

4. On negativity and failure
You can share with loved ones, those who will support and energize. It is not at all necessary for the distant environment to know what went wrong in your life, because these facts can please and nourish them.

5. Your secrets and nasty facts you know about other people.
Just as you can get your shoes dirty, you can get your conscience dirty. Bad mouthing and gossip about other people will stain your consciousness, and those stains later become negative energy. It’s wiser to leave these details out, as they won’t help anyone, not you or the people you’re talking to.

6. The secrets of your life partner
Your love life is also a very crucial thing that you need to keep private. It keeps your love life pure. No matter how ideal your life partner is, some negative people will do their best to break up your relationship. These kind of negative people will do their best to impose their opinions on you. They will inject negative insecurities into your mind.

7. Your weakness
Your weaknesses are the most important things you need to keep secret. When you tell someone your weaknesses, you give them the chance to attack you and hurt you. You have to understand that you have to hide your flaws from people. There is no need to tell anyone your weak points, even in front of your trusted person. Remember, danger never comes from afar.

8. Your promises
Everything you are consciously depriving yourself of, whether it be avoiding alcohol, physical pleasures, certain foods or other types of indulgences, is meant exclusively for you. Don’t live your life so you can tell others. Everyone has their own way of doing things, as well as their own choices.

Do whatever makes you happy. Revealing your promises to others does not mean that you are genuinely intent on becoming a better person, but rather that you appear to be a better person by taking the discipline of the promise out of the picture.

9. Your Heroism or Bravely
You may have heard that good deeds always attract good karma . That is true, and you should never stop doing good. However, if you start telling the good things you’ve done to everyone, you’re taking away from what you’ve done . Many of the world’s greatest philanthropists remain anonymous for a very good reason. When you do a charity action, you want the focus to be on the people or cause you are helping and not on yourself.

10. Material possessions
As we all know, some things in life are far more important than their cost. But sometimes, it’s hard for us to stop bragging about the new car we bought, or the new state-of-the-art phone we just bought at an exaggerated price.

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