How to Apply Henna on Hairs – Ways to Make It Effective

how to apply henna on hairs

How much ever we know that ageing is a natural process, we as humans often wish to cover our grey’s. With that said, sometimes for some

people, the grey hair happen too soon. This makes them uncomfortable. To make them feel better many options to color the hair are available in the market.  These are all contemporary ones but are full of chemicals. The chemicals adversely affect the skin and hair in the long run. To prevent the harm and keep it natural, Henna is considered the most ideal for Indian temperatures and hair. it not only conditiones the hair, but also gives your hair a nice burgundy color. Usually, in the process of applying Henna, the hair tends to become dry. Let us look at the following points explaining to us how henna can be applied without drying the hair.

How to use henna properly in hairs to get dark color?

Traditionally, we all have noticed our mothers and grandmothers, applying henna to keep their hair looking shiny and conditioned. But none of us ever noticed the kind of nitty-grities they followed to give the hair the much needed color. The questions usually that come to the mind are often about the mixture, what to add and how then the duration? Other questions such as  when to apply oil to the hair after applying the henna or whether to keep the henna soaked in the pot or not? There are some common questions like – how to dry your hair curly after applying heena?, which we are often confused about.

In this post we will give you some apt points towards applying mehndi on your hair.

  • Henna should always be applied to clean hair. So shampoo your hair thoroughly before applying henna to the hair. Do not shampoo immediately after applying henna, otherwise the affect of henna is likely to diminish.
  • You made add some rose water to add fragrance to the henna mix.
  • The best way to make the mehandi pack more affective is to soak the henna overnight in an iron Vessel. This process deepens the color. Do not use steel, ceramic or plastic utensils. To cover the whites, make sure every strand of your hair is covered in henna. To make the application smooth,  you may use a narrow teethed combed.
  • Keep the henna for a longer duration which is about 3 to 4 hours if you need to cover the whites. If you are using it for conditioning and light color, you may keep it for 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Adding curd, Gooseberries (Indian Amla), lemon, and coffee makes the color much darker. If the hair are white, and you are experiencing hair fall, Amla works the best when added to Henna. Alternatively, you can add  tea leaves  water or coffee powder too. If your scalp is dry and you have dandruff use curd or lemon in henna powder.  If the texture of your hair is dry, you may add eggs for deep conditioning. Before applying henna, comb your hair thoroughly. By doing this the hair will not get tangled and won’t break after washing. While rinsing, you must understand that the hair may feel a bit dry. The best way to get rid of this dryness is to apply any oil soon after the wash and drying process. You need to leave the oil for about 4 to 5 hours before you shampoo, or you may also keep it overnight for best results. Always do heavy oiling in the hair, so that after shampoo, even when the oil comes out the color and shine remains intact.

 henna in hairs to prevent dryness:

  • Never leave henna overnight on the hair. This can cause hair to become quite dry. It should be washed only when it is lightly wet. Otherwise the henna will start drawing moisture from your hair after it gets very dry.
  • Do not apply oil on your hair the day you are going to apply henna. If you apply henna after applying oil, then henna’s affect will not be seen as the oil mitigates the color. Do not apply henna during a winter, cold or fever, because henna is cold in nature as per Ayurvedic principle.

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