4 Common Kissing Mistakes You Should Take Care Of

kissing mistakes

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi Magazine: Scientists have long concluded that kissing has a positive effect on hormonal levels, and generally helps maintain a good mood due to the active production of endorphins. At the same time, a lot of women make mistakes that the man himself is unlikely to tell them about . But we have collected the most popular kissing missteps that are difficult for a man to put up with and are ready to share with you so that your process is perfect.

Kissing Mistakes

kissing mistakes

Many teeth

Teeth grinding can almost drive you crazy. It is believed that this is one of the most unpleasant sounds for the human ear, only foam on glass is worse. When a woman is incredibly active and wants to use everything she has in her mouth, including her teeth, there is a chance that her teeth will inadvertently collide and make that same disgusting sound. Do not do like this. Try to avoid tooth contact so as not to spoil the impression.

Woman is pinched

It’s not easy for a man to take the first step, but when a woman begins to respond too timidly to a kiss, even the most confident man begins to doubt – does she even want this? And rarely, when a man directly takes an interest in the cause of women’s insecurity. Even if you have your own reasons for being timid, try to relax and fully surrender to the process.

No sticky makeup

Most women believe that before the intended kiss, something must be applied to the lips. Of course, if you understand that everything is going to this, it is important to put your lips in order in advance, but we are talking about their softness and the absence of flakes. But the use of bright lipstick or sticky lip gloss can spoil the impression. Who said your lip gloss is delicious? If he has a pleasant aroma, this does not mean that a man is ready to eat him in kilograms. Leave all the “heavy” cosmetics for an important event, and limit yourself to a lip balm for a romantic meeting. You would also love to read about Viral Tiktok Pasta.

You choke him

Literally, many women simply love to hang on a man’s neck, not only when they meet, but also during a kiss. Remember that if you suddenly bring all your weight on him, your partner may either become confused or lose balance, which is not good for both of you. Try to find support in a different way so that the man can relax and not try to hold you back instead of enjoying the process.

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