“An Unnfortunate Day .. Celebratory Butchery Should be Ashamed” PFAI Retweeted About Bakrid Festival

Bakrid Pics

Social Media Desk, Delhi Magazine: Yesterday was the festival of Bakrid. It is one of the major festivals of Muslims and it is customary to sacrifice goats on Bakrid. Many people raised their voice against the sacrifice of animals that they should not sacrifice the goats on the occasion of Bakrid and celebrate it in a simple way. Because any living being whether it is human or animal has a fundamental right to survive, and no one has the right to take his life under the guise of any religious tradition or ritual. But PFAI ( People for Animals India) retweeted a tweet from a Twitter user Gauri Mulekhi about the sacrifice of animals on the occasion of Bakrid.

Bakrid PicsIn this tweet, Gauri Mulekhi posted a picture with two sections. In the 1st section a goat is caressing its lamb, and in the second section a mother is pumpering her baby with a caption in this pic for both these sections “How is this different from this?” and in the footer of this pic, “Lets Celebrated Eid without harming an innocent animal…”

Because the animals you are killing for making your Allah happy and eating it with your have a family too. What is the difference between your family and theirs?

Along with this in this post. It is written about Bakrid, “#BakraLivesMatter Killing animals for appeasement of god is a sign of medieval uncivilised stupidity. Any religion that sticks to it is EVIL. Tomorrow will be an unfortunate day for humanity & any person who doesn’t raise a voice against this celebratory butchery shd be ashamed.”

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