Liver Issues : What are its Types? Is Liver Replacement an Option?

Liver replacement

Many people out there suffer with liver ailments. In case you feel that there is only one type of liver ailment then you are mistaken. Liver is a massive organ and it can get diverse types of ailments or conditions such as infection, cancer and more.

Liver issues can be life threatening but if you get the proper diagnosis and treatment done timely, you may experience healthy outcomes.

What do you mean by liver?

Liver is found below the right lung and under your ribcage. It is one of the hugest organs of the human body. The liver has a variety of functions, such as removing toxins from your body, and is crucial to survival. You know there is even liver cancer that develops if you do not take care of your liver. It might shock you that thousands of people die of liver every year.

What Are the signs of Liver Disease?

Liver diseasePeople who have liver disease may have some of the following conditions:

  • Dark, tea-shaded urine
  • Jaundice – Yellowing of their skin or eyes
  • Extreme Itching
  • Gray- or clay-shaded bowel movements
  • Ascites – An irregular build-up of fluid in their abdomen
  • Mental muddle or that of forgetfulness
  • Vomiting filled with blood
  • Blood in their stool
  • Propensity to bleed

Why would anybody require a Liver Transplant?

Liver disease sufficiently severe to demand a liver replacement or transplant and it can emerge from various causes. Doctors have developed varied types of systems to decide the requirement for the surgery. Two commonly used methodologies are by particular disease process or a mix or combination of laboratory abnormalities and clinical conditions that come up from the liver ailment. Ultimately, the transplantation team takes into consideration the type of liver ailment , results of the person’s blood test, and even that of the person’s health problems so as to determine who is the right candidate for transplantation.

In adults, cirrhosis because of alcoholism, hepatitis C, biliary disease, or other causes are the commonest ailments demanding transplantation. In children, and in the adolescents younger than 18 years, the commonest cause for liver transplantation is biliary atresia. It is an imperfect growth of the bile ducts. You know laboratory test values and clinical or health problems are used to decide the eligibility of a person for a liver transplant. You can check out Liver Replacement Cost in India and undergo this procedure to ensure that your liver does not become a threat to your life.

For particular clinical reasons, doctors might decide that a person needs a liver transplant. These reasons may be health problems that the individual reports, or they could be symbols that the doctor notices while examining the potential recipient. These signs usually occur when the liver turns out to be severely damaged and creates scar tissue, a condition known as cirrhosis.

  • Common clinical and quality-of-life hint for a liver transplant include ascites, or even fluid in belly because of the bally failure.
  • In the beginning stage of this problem, ascites may get controlled with medicines to augment urine output and with dietary modifications (limited salt intake).
  • Infection in your abdomen, which is called bacterial peritonitis, is a life-threatening problem. It emerges and grows when bacteria or other organisms’ origin in the ascites fluid.
  • Another serious consequence of liver disease is hepatic encephalopathy. It is kind of mental confusion, drowsiness, and even that of unsuitable behaviour because of liver harm.


To sum up, if you think that your liver issue is going to be resolved on its own then you are mistaken. It is high time that you get your proper check up and let the professional doctor tell you about your liver condition. You cannot afford to take a chance with your liver as it can be deadly.



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