Things You Can’t Flush in The Toilet

Things you can't flush in toilet

Your toilet is not a magic portal to flush out whatever you want. Send these items to the trash bin if you don’t want a blockage later in the flush. Everything you use, can not flush in the bathroom. They get trapped in pipes and chemicals like Dranex also have no effect on them. And then due to these things in the house, the stench can affect your health. Send these items to the trash bin if you don’t want a blockage later in the flush.

  1. Paper towels

Paper towels are much denser than toilet paper and more difficult to dissolve in water. The risk of clogging is especially higher if you wash a lot of crumpled leaves at a time.

  1. Adhesive plaster

One small patch seems harmless, but it is not. It does not dissolve in water and can cause blockages.

  1. Hair

Each time cleaning a comb filled with hair into the flush would lead to blockages. Since hair hinder the movement of other objects, thereby blocking the flush after a while.

  1. Band Aid

The thin Band Aid is mostly made of plastic which did not melt for many years. Though there are some clothes too, but these too get stuck in the drain.

  1. Expired Medicines

However, flushes are the safest way to keep dangerous expire drugs away from your children and pets. That is, instead of throwing away expired medicines, women prefer to flush in the toilet. They have no idea that the creatures living in the water under the ground can lose their lives. This affects the entire climate. It is toxic to the aquatic ecosystem.

  1. Pet litter

Clumping, silica gel and absorbent – no filler should be thrown down the toilet. Its particles swell and can stick together to become a lump. The lump then gets stuck in the pipe creating blockage issues.

  1. Women’s personal hygiene products

Pads and tampons are designed to absorb. Used hygiene items trapped in liquid will swell, increase in size and interfere with the flow of water.

  1. Diapers

It’s the same story with diapers as the women’s hygiene products, only they are even larger from the beginning only.

  1. Cotton pads

Cotton pads, although small, can also absorb water. Therefore, it is better to throw them in the trash bin.

  1. Cotton buds

They do not dissolve in water. But they can accumulate and get stuck in the pipe.

  1. Condoms

The contraceptive also does not dissolve in the toilet. The condom will remain in the pipes and can seriously interfere with the water’s path if it gets caught on something.

  1. Food

In addition to the fact that some food or dishes leave streaks and dirt on the toilet, they are one of the causes of blockages. Especially swollen tea leaves, rice and pasta.

  1. Small garbage

Small pieces of paper, sticker labels, dust and small pebbles that appear during the repair should go to the bin if you do not want to call the plumber.

  1. Cigarettes butts

The cigarette butts will not dissolve in water, so the contents of the ashtray must be taken to the trash heap.

  1. Nylon tights and stockings

If suddenly for some reason you have had an urge to throw the torn stocking into the toilet – stop. He, too, can interfere with the passage of water.


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