Top 7 Smelling Houseplants

top smelling indoor plants

Most houseplants don’t smell. This is due to selection. The fact is that the smell and the flowers themselves on the plant serve to attract bees and other pollinating insects. At home, this is not necessary. However, to say that absolutely all flowers that are grown in apartments or houses are odorless is also wrong. The aroma of some flowers can be so strong that it can be heard in the next room.

Citrus tree
A small citrus tree (lemon, orange, lime, tangerine) with its exquisitely fragrant flowers, as well as a tiny crop of fruit rich in vitamin C, is why it is considered one of the best fragrant houseplants. In order for the aroma of citrus fruits to always be present in the house, it is better to buy dwarf varieties, for example, calamondin orange. It should be borne in mind that this plant needs abundant lighting, so if it is not enough, you should take care of the phytolamp in advance.

Gardenia is one of the most pleasant smelling plants and is considered the best choice as a living aroma diffuser. In order for it to grow and bloom profusely, it is worth choosing a bright place for it, where direct sun enters for at least four hours a day. It also needs a high level of humidity. This will help keep the dark green leaves healthy, which is essential for the flowers to grow and smell nice.

Indoor jasmine, like its decorative garden relative, has an amazing smell. Like other scented flowers, it needs sufficient light: at least six hours of sunlight each day. Therefore, in the cold and cloudy season, you need to take care of additional lighting for it.

Orchids do not always smell, but there are varieties that can boast the most delicate aroma, and sometimes very unusual. For example, the Sharry Baby Oncidium orchid smells like chocolate. Other orchids such as “Shimmer” and “Hawaiian Sunset” have a subtle fragrance. It is ideal to buy an orchid when it is in bloom so that you can smell it. During the flowering of the orchid, it is necessary to provide it with sufficient humidity so that it fully reveals its aroma.

Scented Geranium
Geranium is one of the most unpretentious and common flowers on Ukrainian window sills. Scented geranium has a subtle scent when in bloom. Unlike ordinary geraniums, its leaves do not smell. This plant is recommended as an aromatherapy because it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

French Lavender
All herbs have a distinctive aroma that enhances their culinary and therapeutic value, but when it comes to fragrance, lavender is second to none. The scent is just as strong in the foliage as it is in the flowers.

French lavender can be grown as a houseplant. With good care and sufficient lighting, it will continuously bloom and delight in aroma.

Stefanotis, also known as the wedding wreath, has small delicate flowers that give off a pleasant and strong fragrance. The plant requires strong sunlight and moderate water, making it incredibly easy to grow.

If you decide to get one of the listed colors, we do not recommend that you put them all in one room. The smell, which becomes stronger in a closed space, can cause headaches. Therefore, it is better to choose large rooms for such plants or rooms with good ventilation.

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