How to Know Who is Your Real Friend or Fake Friend

Two true friends
There are some people in our lives that we do not need any kind of appearance in front of them. They just say what comes in the heart. These people are none other but our friends. But many times, the friends we have made, we ourselves consider them as our friends, but this does not happen in reality. It is often difficult to know who our real friend is. But through some habits it can be found out who your true friend is. The choice and the way of thinking of a good friend is not necessarily similar to you. After all, he understands you well. Both friends know that they cannot change each other nor do they try to do so.
A true friend who supports us without any selfishness when it comes to problems and gives us the right path and when happiness comes in our life, he is still together and makes the color of happiness even more beautiful.

Some Facts to know Who is Real or Fake Friend

 1. Understand Your Pain in Every Situation:

A true friend still understands your pain when you are trying to show the world that everything is fine.

 2. Make fun of

It is common to have fun in friendship. But when these pranks are exposed to outsiders, it is natural to feel bad. Your true friend will make fun of you but will also think that no outsider is with you. If he accidentally does this in front of unknown people, he will not hesitate to apologize for it.
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3. To highlight

Friends know each other’s weaknesses very well. But instead of taking an interest in exposing our weaknesses, they help us in removing our weaknesses. Whereas fake friends or say friends who are friends for the name, they often expose our shortcomings as well as embarrass us.

4. Sing your melody

Such people prefer to say more than listen to the person in front. If someone is considering them as a friend and sharing their problem, then they do not take interest in them, but they do not miss cutting anyone’s point to say their point. But real friends pay full attention to listen to your problem. Understand this distinction.

5. Growth Hurdle

These types of people are not particularly happy when you move forward. They always find some error in the good work done by you. It also reduces your confidence, while true friends do not do it at all. True friends also rejoice at your small success.

6. Feeling Insecure

When they need you. They will call you, message you, but they get annoyed if you do not get a prompt reply. They feel insecure when you talking to another friend. Yes, it may be permissible not to respond immediately if you make a call or message. Also, seeing missed calls, it is not necessary to call again. At the same time, true friends do not mind all these things. They also mix easily with your new friends. Along with this, they do not pick up your phone, call later or give information about being busy through the message.

7. Want control

These types of friends interfere with your personal life excessively. Where you are going with whom they need to know everything. They want to take complete control of your life. At the same time, your real friends respect your privacy. Also avoid interfering in your family issues. They do not want any kind of control over you.

Some Other Ways to Know Who is Your Fake or Real Friend:

1.      Whenever they need you, fake friends suddenly become very sweet. When you have some work with them, they will not pay attention to the matter. But Real Friends always stand with you in your need. 
two girls stand with each other - true friends signs
2.      Fake types of friends always want to have fun on your money. Just pay attention. Whenever it is the turn of payment, they will disappear. But a real friend never want to waste of your money.
3.      Thy will never tell about himself but will be willing to know all about you. They will not talk about their weakness and will make fun of you by knowing your weakness. But Real friend also discuss his/her weaknesses and problems with you.two boys  sitting  and view of sunset- true friends pictures

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