Indian parents donate their late daughter’s organs to UAE and give new life to 3

Indian couple Kirti and Arun, living in the United Arab Emirates, saved lives of 3 different people by donating the liver and both kidneys of their 6-year-old daughter Devishree!
 According to Devishree’s father Arun, ‘When she left us and left, we decided to donate her organs. Now we can see our daughter in three people. 

His daughter Devishree died last year due to heart and pulmonary hypertension related illness. He gave his daughter’s kidney to a 7-year-old child named Adam. Adam’s parents Deepak John Jacob and Divya S who are also of the Indian origin are more than happy with this act of kindness that has brought a ray of hope in their otherwise barren life. Adam had been waiting for a kidney for four years and was on dialysis. He was unable to go to school and behave like a normal child.  Slowly, Adam will be seen living a normal life and enjoying like other children.

Devishree’s second kidney was donated to a 15-year-old teenager living in Abu Dhabi.
This speaks of the massive heart and the depth of pain the parent’s have gone through.  God Be kind!

Delhi Magazine Team

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