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Best tool for create infographics

As you may have noticed, online info graphics, photos, images, sketches, or online drawings are all the rage! Graphic media make it possible to convey a message or information clearly, quickly, and efficiently. And Internet users are more and fonder of visual and interactive content!

Tech Desk, Delhi Magazine: We see more and more companies taking the time to create an infographic online to disseminate their expertise and prove their credibility to the people who are part of their ecosystem: visitors to their website, their customers, or their partners… simple and good reason that these supports are both rich and easy to share.

Tools to create inforgraphic online

But how do you make an infographic online when you need to become a professional? We have made a small selection of tools that are likely to help you!

How to make a nice infographic online?

If, like me, your life as an illustrator came to an end along with your life as a student when the margins of your mathematics notebooks were no longer there to accommodate your storyboards, which were brilliant in terms of the script and revolutionary in terms of style, you are probably wondering how to create an infographic online quickly and without graphic knowledge.

A few services, mainly in English, have appeared recently and allowed cheaply (often free) to create a beautiful infographic quickly and without installing any software. As a web specialist for small businesses, Neocamino has tested a few.

1.      Canva

In just a few years, has become THE benchmark for creating illustrations and infographics online. With over 140 100% customizable infographic templates, Canva lets you create an infographic online in just a few clicks.

In French and completely intuitive, this free tool has become the ally of marketers and communicators who want to save time. The models are inspiring and will reveal your creativity even on the most difficult topics. Note: there is a pro version that gives you access to many additional options (graphic charter of your company, illustrations, models and photos, etc.).


2.      DesignCap

DesignCap is a free infographics tool that allows you to visualize your data and information, website statistics or otherwise, easily. This software works in 3 main steps: choosing a template (among existing templates or starting from 0), customizing the infographic with simple but powerful editing tools, and exporting and downloading the ‘infographics. With Designcap, you don’t need excellent skills to create professional visuals with high-added value. For more features, you can use it for free or $4.99 per month.


3.      Venngage

Venngage is an online solution that lets you choose from hundreds of infographic templates (and also social media images) that professionals have designed. The promise ? Save more than 20 hours of design work with these ready-to-use templates that will allow you to multiply original creations from your own data.

The tool is currently in English, but a French blog has been created and could be very useful for successful creations!

Link –


4. is a service with which you can create a great infographic on the Internet without having any knowledge of graphic editing. Suppose there are still some minor improvements from our point of view (not everything is very natural according to us, yet). In that case, Infogram facilitates the creation of an online medium to disseminate statistics and survey results nicely and efficiently!

Link –

5. is a tool that lets you build infographics online quickly and easily. In a few minutes, starting from a base you have chosen, you can add images, texts or statistics highly intuitively.

Link –

6.      Pictochart

Once registered, this online tool will allow you to create your infographic from a previously designed template. Easy to use and ergonomic, Piktochart offers you a few models when you benefit from free registration: but if you want to push the customization even further, you will have to subscribe to a pro account for $29 per month or $169 per year. Feel free to test this tool for free to see if it suits you.

Link –

7.      Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a powerful online tool for creating custom infographics in just minutes. If most of the tools in the Adobe suite are complicated to learn, Adobe Express does not require special skills. The same for prices. Usually high for Adobe software, this one offers a free version that’s good enough to get your point across with professional-looking infographics. Of course, like most online infographic tools, Adobe Express offers a premium version to access more features.


8.      Visme

How can you talk about an online infographic tool without mentioning Visme? Visme is a tool dedicated to creating professional infographics with a simple concept: use professional infographic templates or create your own. The high-quality designs enabled by the platform help you create strategic and engaging documents. You will also have access to thousands of charts, tables, diagrams, data widgets, and maps to create an infographic visualizing processes and workflows. The free version of Visme gives you access to 100MB of storage and limited design templates and resources. For more features, there are several packages to consult the website.


9.      Easil

As its English name implies, Easil is an ultra-simple tool for creating impactful online designs and infographics. Its intuitive interface allows you to make changes to existing templates easily. With a few clicks and with drag & drop operation, you can change the colors of the elements, modify their sizes, change the font, add gifs… This tool is mainly intended for social platforms.



Snappa is a graphic design platform that is quick and easy to use. Just like Canva, you can use it for social media graphics, posters, and the likes. The free version gives you access to over 6,000+ templates, 4,000,000 HD photos & graphics, but only 3 downloads per month.



These tools are intended for users of all levels, more or less at ease on the Internet. But if you decide to give it a go, don’t hesitate to ask us for help – we’re serious fans of these nifty tools.

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And you, what tools do you use to show that you are specialists in your sector? Do these tools seem complicated to you to handle? Do you want to be accompanied on your web marketing?


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