10 Tips to Avoid Mishaps on Your Beach Date

tips to avoid mis happening at beach area
The beach is one of the places you’d always love to stay, a place where tranquility and peace are everywhere. It has a beauty that mesmerizes every eye that sees and every foot that lands on it. Captivating is the atmosphere, thus, the beach is a perfect spot for sweet moments with your loved one. A date on and by the beach is lovelier than the word lovely. 
You just have to see to it that you have the necessities prepared before you head out for a romantic getaway through a beach date! Although it seems like the views themselves make everything nice and amazing, still, there are things you must manage, or else, some things might go wrong. 
For you to avoid mishaps on your beach date with your sweetheart, below are 10 tips that you should keep in mind!
Countless grains of sand are on the beach. They are one of the main things that make your eyes stare at the beach. It’s amazing how they make the place like a playground where you can just lie down on the ground and have fun. Especially when you see how pure and white the beach sands are, you will be astounded.
Though they are so fun to see and experience, sands can be bothersome to you if you’re wearing closed toe footwear on the beach like doll shoes for the ladies and like boat shoes for men. These kinds and the like can get sand inside of them. That would be uncomfortable to you.
Choose open toe footwear like slippers and flat sandals. You don’t have to worry about your feet and your footwear getting sand since you can just shake them off. These types of footwear also make your beach date an even more beachy experience!
For ladies, although it would be really lovely to flaunt your hair in the middle of the wide beach, it might not be very convenient for you the whole time. You can let it loose freely for photoshoot purposes if you’d like too. 
But most specifically if it’s long, you should tie your hair, so they won’t get on your face. The breeze is so refreshing, and the blow of the wind at the beach is no joke at all! What’s more, the softness and loudness of its blow are unpredictable. A hair tie for the ladies will help avoid inconvenience caused by hair blocking the face and not getting good photos because of it. 
For men, better wear shorts than pants when you plan to dip a little bit in the water. Pants are heavy, and when they get wet, you might find them uneasy to walk with. However, if you are just having a romantic dinner on the sands, quite far from the waters, with no plan of getting near them, then wearing pants is fine. 
At the same time, wearing shorts on the beach enables you to move more freely and comfortably. Since it’s a beach, pants might not go along with it nicely. The beach is like an icon for summer, so more homey attire like shorts for men would be ideal!
It was mentioned earlier that open toe footwear is more suitable for a beach date, but another thing ladies must not forget is to get rid of high heels! They are the wrongest pair of footwear to utilize on a beach! Yes, it’s a date, and you want to look more elegant and pretty, but darling, it’s the beach. High heels don’t belong there, so say no to them.


Imagine sitting on the beach sand wear all black and getting up looking like a dusty piece of cloth. When you wear dark clothes, sand that rides with the wind and goes to your clothes becomes immediately visible. It might not be uncomfortable to the feeling, but you might feel awkward about it. 
Light colors that match and blend with the brightness of the beach mood must be your pick! They are not just good for photoshoot purposes, they also harmonize with the sweetness of your time!
When you travel to the beach for your date, better bring the more handy stuff. Do not bring big and heavy things, especially on the beach itself. You will not enjoy the scenery, the walk, the time if you’re all occupied with thoughts of taking care of your big belongings. 
The handier your things are, the easier it is for you to move around, look around and enjoy!
Everybody wants photos and videos to save memories and bring them home happily, but don’t get too busy with taking them that you’re forgetting to live in the moment. One gadget will do. One cellphone or a video camera or any shooting gadget you prefer to take. 
Nowadays, it’s sad that gadgets take away a lot of people’s time which should be spent together. Don’t make your beach date one of the moments that prove that! Make it a special chance to veer away from the Internet and from text messaging for unimportant usage. Treasure what’s in front of you.
Another thing, if you have only one gadget, you wouldn’t have to worry and to look after so many things. Make sure you take an efficient case or bag for that one gadget you’re bringing, so you can keep it well. 
Sit on the sand with a mat on top, so you can be protected from their warmth coming from the sun’s heat. Bring a firm mat, so you can comfortably have your position on the sands plus you can organize your stuff and food as well. 
Defend your eyes from harmful Ultraviolet rays by wearing appropriate sunglasses with eye and skin protection features. These help keep you both healthy and safe. 
When the sun is shining so brightly and hotly, you might not be able to open your eyes well. Sunglasses will do you good! Furthermore, you can take good photos with fashionable sunglasses and not with wrinkled faces because of the sunlight.
Related to the previous one, you have to prepare your cover when the sunlight is hitting hard. If the sun unexpectedly beams strongly while you’re at the beach, you must have a certain area where you can be covered and shaded. 
Better, initially put up an area on the beach where there’s a huge umbrella for you both. More expensive but also an excellent choice for shading, gazebos in the middle of the sand are also a thing. 
Make your beach date beautifully memorable and worth-repeating. The beach isn’t just any kind of date venue, so you must know what to do, so you can prevent beach date misfortunes from happening!
Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.
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