Basic Amenities as Expected by The Different Traveler Types

Basic Amenities for travelers

Every city is beautiful and unique and all it needs is a true appreciable person who can enjoy the beauty of the place. We all love traveling and our traveling list is too long to decide the city in which we want to visit first. Those who did not like travel will only cover the people who had not travel yet. It is the right time to pack your bags and to travel with your family so that you can enjoy a word called ‘life’. Life is not complete without travel as it is good for our soul, mind, family, relations to travel to refresh your mind.

There are so many cities or places to which you can travel, and Hyderabad is also one of the famous places that come under the category of a must-visit place. You can book a hotel or villas in Hyderabad for your stay. The best part of traveling nowadays is that you can make use of the internet to book every type of booking. From booking the hotel to booking a train ticket everything can be done online. Most of the people prefer staying in villas when they visit places like Hyderabad, Goa, Bangalore, etc. The hotels are picking different platforms for their marketing.

They now prefer social media marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and so on. All of these types of marketing are helping the hotel business to excel in this sector. There are different types of travelers about which you need to know. Some of them are:


  • Value searchers: These types of travelers include people having the category of medium income. These travelers love to explore things but they don’t give up on searching for things. They make thorough searches before they final any booking relating to their vacation.
  • Luxury travelers: These types of travelers don’t focus on spending and they usually spend more than they planned. They like to stay in luxurious hotels, villas, cottages, etc and they also take the help of reviews provided by other customers on online sites.
  • Social travelers: These types of travelers include people of middle age. These people love to travel in social groups like with friends or in family groups etc.
  • Business travelers: These are the people who travel relating to their business tours or for business purposes only. Usually, they include people from youth to middle age.


So, these are some of the types of travelers that you will experience in your life. Either it is an independent traveler or a social traveler there are so many amenities that they look for as per their type. You will get to see business travelers, couple travelers, weekend travelers, traveling with kids, and so on. The amenities demanded or expected by these travelers will e totally different. So, here we will discuss the different amenities as required by these travelers.


  • Amenities expected by business travelers: Some of the common facilities as expected by the business travelers are discussed:
  1. Availability of a desk and a chair: Usually the business travelers like to have a desk and a chair in a room so that they can work whenever required.
  2. Availability of the internet or Wi-Fi: If the Wi-Fi facility is available in rooms then you can attract most of the business travelers. Not only the business travelers but the Wi-Fi facility is loved by almost every traveler.
  3. Offers on dry cleaning or laundry service: Every business traveler needs to look perfect in their meetings etc and that is why they demand or expect laundry or dry cleaning services and you can attract more of these travelers by offering some discounts on these services.
  • Amenities expected by family travelers: These are-
  1. Availability of baby cribs or prams: Every family traveler with kids likes to choose a hotel that offers the facility for baby cribs etc. If you are offering this then you can easily attract family travelers.
  2. Play area for kids: Every kid likes to have a play area and parents too look for this point while booking a hotel or villa. As a hotel owner you can offer an indoor play area with some indoor games, or pool facility, and so on.
  3. Laundry services: This is a must amenity for the family traveler.
  4. Offering discounts on kid’s stay: You can also offer some extra discounts on kid’s stay as they won’t cost you anything extra on bedding. Give discounts on kids to attract family travelers.
  • Amenities for couples: Every newlywed couple or a honeymooner can be attracted by offering these amenities:
  1. Spa facility: Offering them a couple spas will help them feel relaxed after their wedding hustles.
  2. Do not disturb the board: Adding a DND board or just a married board will also attract more couples.
  3. Decorated rooms: Decorated rooms with roses or balloons will attract the couples and this is also one of the demands of the newlyweds.
  • Amenities for weekend travelers: There are some people who like to travel on weekends. They can be attracted to:
  1. Space for luggage: The sufficient space to store luggage can attract weekend travelers. You can offer them space even after their check-outs etc.
  2. Proximity to the markets or other sightseeing: The weekend travelers like to stay in villas or hotels that are near to the sightseeing destinations. Those hotels that are near the markets etc can also attract weekend travelers.
  3. Parking facility: The valet parking or free parking facility is also expected by the weekend travelers. Almost every hotel is now offering a parking facility so that their travelers don’t have to bother much for the parking space.
  4. Additional kitchenette: The availability of a refrigerator, coffee kettle, crockery, etc is now a must in every hotel. Those who offer these facilities can attract more and more travelers.


So, these are the following amenities expected by the different types of travelers. By offering these facilities the hotels or villas can attract more and more customers. So, as a traveler type, you must look for these facilities before booking.

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