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Cristina Ferreira

Entertainment Desk, Delhi – Magazine: Cristina Ferreira’s full name is Cristina Maria Jorge Ferreira. Cristina Ferreira is one of the most influential women in Portugal. She is a well known TV host and businesswoman.

Brazilian beauty cristina ferreira

The Cristina Ferreira was born on September 9, 1977, in Malveira. She is an only child and her parents are market traders. She graduated in History and then in Communication Sciences, having gone on to train at RTP, where she ended up being rejected, but with good reference. In the evaluation of the internship, signed by Manuel da Costa, it was indicated that she should be placed at the top of the list for a possible future hiring.

Although she didn’t make it at first, she didn’t give up on her dream of making television. She enrolled in a presentation course, taught by Emídio Rangel, at the Universidade Independente, in Lisbon, where Manuel Luís Goucha and Júlia Pinheiro were professors. She was a gateway to TVI. At the end of the six months of training, she was called upon to lead ‘Big Brother’ ‘Extra’, where she made her first direct on television. She was only 25 years old and was one of TVI’s biggest bets to capture audiences.

Cristina Ferreira at TVI – An immediate success story

From there to ‘Você na TV’, with Manuel Luís Goucha, was an instant. Year 2004. And 14 followed with one of the most outstanding duos ever. After returning to TVI, Cristina Ferreira closed the cycle with Manuel Luís Goucha in the morning of the Queluz de Baixo channel, in a special broadcast held in September, winning the leadership of the audiences.

  • Hello Portugal
  • Big Brother
  • Morning Diary, You on TV
  • A Song for You (4th Edition)
  • We are Portugal
  • Your Face Isn’t Strange (1st Edition)
  • Your Face Is Not Strange (2nd Edition)
  • Your Face Isn’t Strange (Edition Duets)
  • Star Gala 2012
  • Your Face Is Not Strange (3rd Edition)
  • Gala 20 Years TVI
  • Dancing with the Stars (1st Edition)
  • Star Gala 2013
  • Your face is not strange to me Kids
  • Dancing with the Stars (2nd Edition)
  • Star Gala 2014
  • Dancing with the Stars (3rd Edition)
  • Cristina, Together We Make the Party
  • Elite Model Look Gala – World Final Lisbon 2016
  • Your Face Is Not Strange (4th Edition)
  • Star Gala 2016
  • Your Face Is Not Strange (Special Edition)
  • Catch If You Can
  • Fatima 100 Years
  • Your Face Isn’t Strange (5th Edition)

In between, Cristina had other professional challenges. She gave her face for ‘Uma Canção Por Ti’, ‘Your Face Is Not Strange’, ‘Catch If You Can’ or ‘Dance with the Stars’. In 2011, at just 33 years old, there was no longer any doubt about her qualities. In April of that year, she was elected the best television presenter at the II Gala Troféus TV 7 Dias. She succeeded, curiously, the “teacher” Júlia Pinheiro.

The same title, but by voting on the social network Facebook, was assigned to her in 2012. It was like a bridge to, in December 2013, having assumed the functions of Director of Non-Informative Content at TVI. A position that, although allied to that of presenter of a leading audience program, ‘Você na TV’, was not enough for her. In 2018, she surprised when she exchanged Queluz de Baixo for SIC.

At Parque Holanda, in Carnaxide, the ‘Cristina’s Program began in January 2019. She was the absolute leader and pushed her old colleague, Goucha, to second place in the audiences. She had the television world at her feet and was dubbed by many media outlets as the “Queen of National Television”. The “marriage” with Daniel Oliveira, program director, also seemed to go smoothly.

Turns out, ambitious, I wanted more. She was a consultant at SIC, but the program directors didn’t listen to her. The atmosphere of tension increased, although far from the eyes of the viewers, and a new surprise arrived in July 2020. Less than two years after arriving at the Balsemão family channel, Cristina returned to the “mother house”, TVI. SIC wants 20 million euros in compensation.

This return, however, was not a step back in her career. Not even to assume the roles she had whens she left. This time, she entered the corridors of Queluz de Baixo with her head held high. Director of Entertainment and Fiction, presenter and shareholder, with around 2.5% of Media Capital’s shares. In her hands, the power to decide on all the channel’s contents, as she always wanted.

Hearings Cristina Ferreira.

On SIC with ‘Programa da Cristina’, Cristina Ferreira only lost two days in the audience in a year and a half of airing. On several occasions, the presenter reached more audience than RTP1 with ‘Praça da Alegria’ and TVI with ‘Você na TV’ together. On TVI, with ‘Cristina’s Day’, Cristina Ferreira has guaranteed the leadership of the audiences in the morning, however, in the afternoon, she still hasn’t managed to lead the audiences.

Away from the big screen, remember, it also gives cards. In addition to the various advertisements in which she appears, she created the blog ‘Daily Cristina’, launched the biography ‘Sentir’, the cookbook ‘Deliciosa Cristina’ and the monthly magazine ‘Cristina’, which has sensitive issues it seeks to address. She also has the ‘Casiraghi Forever’ store for shoes, accessories and perfumes.

Personal life and Relationships

However, there is a lot of information that is public knowledge. For example, she was a mother for a single time, on June 4, 2008, to Tiago, the result of a relationship that Cristina Ferreira had, since she was 17, with former football player António Casinhas. The couple, who never went to the altar, separated in the summer of 2011, and since then the communicator, 43 years old, has never assumed any relationship.

Such disinterest – or bad luck – in love has been the subject of a lot of news over the last few years. The model Ruben Rua, ten years her junior, has been named her boyfriend several times, but both have insisted on denying involvement.

His complicity with Manuel Luís Goucha was notorious. From complicity, friendship was born. Both were joined by professionalism. Et voila  | Thus was born one of the strongest and most emblematic duos in Portuguese television. For years, Você na TV was a leader in ratings and an example of how a duo should work on television.

“Manel is one of the most important people in my life forever. point” . The words are by Cristina Ferreira and are very peremptory. There is no room for second interpretations. But there is plenty of room for disappointment. “It was the great disappointment of my life” , Cristina Ferreira said about Manuel Luís Goucha. Great loves are like that, they walk in extremes. And now, Cristina and Goucha walk different terrains. One day, maybe they’ll get back together. For now, word wars – which are also part of this world of lights, camera, action!

Ruben Rua and Cristina Ferreira.

Today, however, it is said with more certainty that Cupid’s arrow hit them. It is said in the pink press that the relationship between the two gained more life after the departure of Cristina Ferreira from SIC, during the ‘hot’ vacation of both. In early October, for example, they went on a romantic getaway to the Alentejo coast. According to TV Guia, they have been living a secret romance for several months.

Does Cristina Ferreira have a boyfriend?

Also recently, in an interview with Rádio Mega Hits, Ruben Rua was asked about his complicity – and possible relationship – with Cristina Ferreira . He didn’t deny it. “ I think dating is not a verb that can be applied. What I feel for her is love .” What kind of love? Are boyfriends? Only the two of them know. But where there is smoke, there is fire.

The Cristina Ferreira brand – Clothes, Perfumes, Shoes, Bags, Books, Magazines

As we all know, Cristina Ferreira is not a woman with a single vocation. In addition to being a television presenter, Cristina is also one of the most enterprising and successful businesswomen in this planted seaside corner (with a television in front).

Cristina created her brand, opened a clothing store, launched perfumes, shoes, bags, books and a magazine. Cristina Ferreira created what she herself is, a brand.

In life, the presenter is certain: “I’ll get it. Always. On television or selling steaks. ”

Cristina Magazine

“ A monthly magazine focused on addressing current topics in a unique, irreverent and unusual way, in different areas such as health and well-being, beauty, fashion, leisure, travel, behavior, family, among others ”. This is how Revista Cristina presents itself to the publishing world.

Cristina Magazine opened pages in March 2015 with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, at the time not yet President of the Republic, on the cover. It sold about 110,000 copies. In two hours, more than 40,000 copies were sold.

However, in February 2017, a mishap: the end of the partnership with Editora Masemba. But it was just that, a mishap. Cristina Ferreira took the magazine alone and made it one of her success stories.

Perfume Cristina Ferreira

In 2014, at the invitation of the company LR Healthy and Beauty , she launched her MEU, a feminine perfume in her name. The first edition of the fragrance, of about 10 thousand units, sold out in a week. The second edition, of 5 thousand copies, disappeared in 5 hours.

Two years later, and again with LR Healthy and Beauty , Cristina launched the male version of MEU perfume – Perfume Cristina Ferreira. The first issue flew in the early days.

Cristina Collection

Cristina Ferreira Shoes

In 2014, Cristina decided to develop her own footwear line, at the invitation of the American shoe brand Hush Puppies .

Since then, Cristina’s collections have been numerous. Superstar , Paradise Collection , Jewels of the Night , In Love , Love Power , Exotic Islands , Cruise Collection and Night Edition are some of them.

Love Cristina – Yes, we love Cristina

Cristina’s Love collection is one of the most successful collections. From flip-flops to ankle boots, from shoes to slippers, from ballerinas to boots, from sneakers to ballerinas, the options are almost endless. All with the Love seal . All done with love.

Daily Cristina – Cristina Ferreira’s blog

Cristina Ferreira launched her blog – Daily Cristina – in 2013. A work carried out by the online newspaper ECO, which asked the question ” How much is Cristina Ferreira worth ?”, revealed the daily number of monthly visits to her blog: two and a half million – visits from Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom and France.


Cristina Ferreira on Facebook

On Facebook since 2011, Cristina has around 1,800,000 fans. She follows a networking strategy focused on sharing moments from her daily program. Share moments, share ideas, share your products like “Cristina vernigel” nail polishes, news from your magazine and everyday looks.


Cristina Ferreira on Instagram

On Instagram, there are 928 thousand followers of the presenter. On instagram @dailycristina, you can get to know a more personal side of her life. From trips, weekend trips, childhood memories accompanied by current moments


Cristina Ferreira on Twitter

On Twitter, Cristina has 21,000 followers.


Cristina Ferreira Online Store – A fair with class

In its online store , you can find everything you are looking for. From shoes to bags, from magazines to perfumes, the limit – as you can already see from the personality and determination of Cristina Ferreira – does not exist. If it exists, it is also on sale at the Cristina Ferreira online store .

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