India Remains Interested in Old Friend Russia Despite the Appeals of the West

Modi biden

Yesterday’s telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not bring the expected results. India does not want to give up Russian oil.

Modi biden

The West is tightening economic sanctions against Russia. Further packages of solutions are introduced to weaken the Russian war machine. One of the main elements of the latest regulations is the embargo on energy resources, for which the Kremlin must be paid. The complete resignation from Russian oil, gas and coal has already been decided by, among others, United States. Some European countries, such as Lithuania and Poland, also want to do so.

However, even the most united actions of the West will do little if Putin receives transfers from other directions. This is what is happening today. Urals oil is bought by China and the former Soviet republics, as well as many other countries that do not want to boast about it. This can be seen in the behavior of Russian tankers. At the end of March, it was reported that over 600 percent. increased the frequency of using a method that makes it very difficult to track tankers with the raw material. The ships “disappear” from the radars as soon as they leave the port .

Their captains turn off the transponders that allow them to track their course. Thus, it is impossible to determine to which country the Ural oil supplies are going. This is not only to protect audiences from attacks from the West, but also to avoid sanctions. Russia’s monitoring companies say that this type of practice is used not only by vessels transporting crude oil, but also other petrochemical products.

India is Indirectly Supporting His Old Friend Russia ( Due to Past Good Relations)

One of the countries that uses Russian oil is India. The country is as much as 80 percent. is dependent on the import of this raw material. Until now, only 2-3 percent came from Russia. crude oil, but this may change significantly soon. It turns out that the possibility of large oil purchases from the Kremlin is serious. Among other things, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was discussed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday with US President Joe Biden . It turns out, however, that persuading the United States is unlikely to work.

Rosneft responded to the interest in India by offering a large discount. India got an offer that was $ 35 a barrel lower than that from before the war in Ukraine. The authorities in Russia are offering a promotional price in exchange for a contract to supply 15 million barrels of raw material to India. This would be done by the end of 2022.


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