President Maia Sandu Annaounced Hopes to Lift the Ban on Fruit Exports to Russia

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International – Desk, Delhi Magazine: Moldova would like to resume the supply of fruits to Russia, but does not know in what area the reasons for the ban lie – technical, economic or political. This was announced on Tuesday, August 16, by the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

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Maia Sandu Announced about Lifting Ban

She noted that Moldova exports fruits to European markets, which, in her opinion, are much stricter than Russian ones, Prime reports.

“We wonder if this is an economic problem or a political one. In the meantime, the Ministry of Agriculture, the government should insist on finding new markets, and I understand that there are plans for this,” Sandu said.

According to the President of Moldova, it is necessary to strive to enter markets where the product is valued at the expense of high-quality products.

She also Admired and Wished Ukrain on the Occasion of Their Independence Day

On the other hand, Yesterday( 24th August) she also wished and admired Ukrain on the occassion of their Independence day and wrote a message on her official Twitter Account –


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