United States Conducts Airstrikes in Syria Targeting Two Sites Connected to Iran

us strikes in Syria

International Desk, Delhi Magazine: Today, the United States initiated airstrikes in Syria targeting two locations associated with Iran, in retaliation for assaults on Americans in the region, announced Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The United States military attacked certain places in eastern Syria today. These locations were being used by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and groups connected to Iran. The reason for these strikes is the ongoing attacks against US personnel in Iraq and Syria. Unfortunately, at least one person died, and three others were injured in the process.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more people might be affected because there are serious cases and missing individuals. The attacks destroyed a weapons warehouse and a missile launch platform.

Two days ago, President Joe Biden announced that US forces had attacked a facility in Syria used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and related groups to store weapons. This action was a response to previous attacks. President Biden mentioned in a letter to Congress that the strike was for deterrence and to limit the risk of escalation and civilian casualties.

Militia groups connected to the Revolutionary Guard have been attacking US personnel and facilities in Iraq and Syria. Last week alone, there were more than a dozen attacks, putting the lives of US personnel and the coalition at serious risk. On October 27, the United States had already carried out targeted attacks in response to these violent acts.

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