In the War Between Israel and Hamas, We Must Work for a Ceasefire: Emmanuel Macron

emmanuel macron

France is hosting an international “humanitarian conference” on Thursday, November 9, to try to unlock aid for the civilian populations of the Palestinian enclave. “In the immediate future, it is the protection of civilians that we must work on, for this we need a very rapid humanitarian pause and we must work for a ceasefire,” declared Emmanuel Macron at the opening .

This is the first time he has called so clearly for a ceasefire. “ Civilians must be protected, this is not negotiable, it is an immediate necessity” and “ a very condition for the effectiveness of our fight against terrorists” , insisted the Head of State. Follow our live stream.

As since the start of the conflict on October 7, Emmanuel Macron tries to maintain a balanced position between support for the Jewish state and protection of the civilian populations in Gaza. A ridge line that the French head of state particularly wanted to defend during his trip to the Middle East two weeks ago. Faced with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , the President of the Republic presented the “condolences” of a “friendly country”, recalling that France shared the “mourning” of the massacres, [the results of October 7 rise today today to 40 French people dead and 8 others missing]. He also defended a fight against Hamas “without mercy, but not without rules”.

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