Former PM Nawaz Sharif Returns to Pakistan after Four Years, Shows Strength

Nawaz sharif with his daugther after returning to pakistan after four year

Asia Desk, Delhi Magazine: Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif returned to his homeland Pakistan on Saturday, October 21, after a long gap of four years.

After returning to the country, Nawaz Sharif addressed a rally in Lahore. During this he said that my relationship with you is stable and permanent. There was no difference in that relationship. Nawaz Sharif said that love and truth are what I am seeing from your faces. What I am seeing through your eyes. I am proud of him. During this the public started shouting slogans loudly. Nawaz Sharif duagther shared a post of this rally on her twitter and wrote.


Nawaz further said that this relationship between me and you has been going on for many decades and neither have you ever cheated me.  Nawaz Sharif betrayed you. Whenever I got a chance. Served you with complete truth. Whenever he got a chance, he worked day and night to solve Pakistan’s issues. He said that whenever he got the opportunity, he did not shy away from any sacrifice. I was put in jails. They threw me out of the country. Fake cases were made against me. Fake cases were made against Shahbaz. Fake cases were also made against Maryam but no one left the flag of Muslim League.

During this, Nawaz Sharif became emotional. The people of Pakistan started making noise again. Started shouting slogans loudly.

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The former Prime Minister of Pakistan said in a questioning tone that tell me who is the one who separates Nawaz Sharif from his people every few years. He said that we are going to serve Pakistan. We made atom bomb by the grace of Allah. Let us tell you that the former PM was living outside Pakistan in London for four years.

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